Busy Weekends and New Bedrooms

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We have had such a busy weekend. It was Red Rose Daddy's birthday yesterday so we've spent a lot of time preparing for an influx of visitors. We always have friends and family over for birthdays in our family. We have three within three weeks (starting yesterday) so we try to mix it up with how we cater for everyone. Yesterday we had a big takeaway, cake and drinks. It is always lovely to get the family together and I love watching Bud play with his cousins and seeing Little Miss get fussed over by everyone.

Chocolate Swiss Roll Birthday Cake

The party really encouraged us to do a bit of spring cleaning. We've all been so busy recently that cleaning and housework has taken something of a back seat. Our shoe storage situation has become desperate and we have started to have to clamber over them to get upstairs! Clothes have also been taking over and I've been sorting out boxes to pass on to Bud's cousins. There are two boys who are a bit smaller than Bud and a baby girl is due in May so all our outgrown clothes go to their house now. We're also preparing to decorate Bud's new bedroom so it's really important for us to start getting rid of some junk and making some space. Bud's new room is currently our spare room and is crammed full of everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. It's a large, spacious room and will be a great new bedroom for him. This will also solve some of the issues we have with our lounge which is currently crammed with toys. I plan to rotate the toys so we have a selection downstairs with the bulk of them upstairs in his bedroom. This will mean we can reclaim our lounge as more of an adult space, it is currently part-playroom, part-lounge! 

We are planning a jungle themed bedroom for Bud and I've been saving ideas on a Pinterest board. I'm really looking forward to it all coming together. The walls are going to be green and I've been looking at the huge wall murals you can buy for one of the walls. I'd love one that features lots of animals, I think it would look wonderful. Lots of animal themed accessories should tie it all together nicely.

Of course Bud moving into the big room means that Little Miss will be moving into his old room. Our nursery is a lovely, peaceful room that should be fine for a little girl. I may have to look at getting some pretty stickers to make it slightly more girly but we shouldn't have to redecorate. This is quite a relief as I think Bud's room will be a big project! When all the decorating and moving around is done Red Rose Daddy and I will be in our own bedroom again. That's a room that could do with a lovely makeover too. In fact I saw some beautiful pale blue birdcage wallpaper today which would look amazing on one wall. My partner wasn't too keen on it so I might have to persuade him, or plan a shopping trip for us both to choose an alternative.

I'm starting to look forward to spending some time and working on the house. I'm hoping that, within a few months, we'll have some lovely newly decorated rooms for us all to enjoy.

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