Children's Crocs from Jelly Egg - A Review

23:14 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Bud's feet grow like weeds. He is continuously growing out of shoes and I am always frustrated by the lack of choice available for boys' shoes in the high street. I like him to have a smart pair of shoes and a pair of trainers at the very least and I'm always on the look out for funky sneakers for him.

To me Crocs were those plastic shoes that people wear on the beach, Bud has had them before and they've been great for him to run around in the garden and water in. When I was invited to choose a new pair from Jelly Egg online shoe store I was pleasantly surprised by the range available. As well as the traditional Crocs style sandals there were boots, fur lined slippers and sneakers too! I fell in love with the Crocs Hover Sneak range and I chose a red pair for Bud.
Red Crocs Hover Sneak Shoes
The shoes arrived quickly and were well packaged. The upper is a robust canvas whereas the sole is made from Crocs' Croslite material. I'm used to sneakers being heavy soled but these are so light. They weigh very little and I'm confident that the cushioning in the sole means they must be comfortable. Bud is incredibly resistant to new clothes and shoes. It seems to be some kind of awkward phase so I had to persuade him to put them on. Once on he was suddenly very pleased with his new shoes, pronouncing them 'smart and red and bouncy!' We aren't used to having laces in Bud's shoes so fastening them for him has taken a little getting used to. The laces are good quality and the eyelets they feed through are really well fixed. The shoes are quite wide around the toe. We got the size nine because Bud was in between eight and nine at the time of ordering and they fitted well with space for him to grow. The laces hold the foot in well when they are fastened. If I had any criticism it would be the laces, I find them slightly too long for a toddler's shoes but double knotting usually solves the issue. 

Bud was straight out into our front garden wearing them and has worn them frequently ever since. I love the colour pop of the red when worn with coloured jeans and Bud loves that they are easy to wear. His Daddy bough him two Jibbitz as the shoes have a little plastic runner on the laces where you can add a shoe charm. You can actually add these to your order when buying from Jelly Egg but we bought them later and Bud now has a dinosaur on each shoe. 

Red Crocs Hover Sneak Shoes Small boy

I've been really impressed with the quality of these Crocs Hover Sneak shoes and my first experience of the wider range of Crocs available.  Jelly Eggs have a full range of Crocs for Men, Women and Children. 

Disclaimer: We were sent these shoes for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.