LEGO Legends of Chima 4D Movie Xperience at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

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Last week we were invited to attend a preview screening of the brand new LEGO Chima 4D Movie Experience at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester. Bud and I went with his two cousins and we had a great time. We've never visited the centre before, I've always thought Bud was too young but we really enjoyed our trip and we'll definitely visit again.

We arrived a little early and spent time exploring the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. I'm sure we'll be visiting again so I'll write about that another time as we were all keenly awaiting the 6:15pm showing of the new film. I think Bud would probably have been quite happy if we'd just sat in the foyer of the centre where he could sit down and play with Duplo but we took our seats just on time.

Small boy playing LEGO Duplo LEGOland Discovery Centre Manchester entrance

The new Legends of Chima film is a twelve minute long movie Xperience which follows four young animals as they embark on a tour of the world of Chima with Plovar the Parrot. They rapidly get drawn into a battle between the Lions and the Crocodiles who have stolen some CHI. Their desire to assist the Lions to take back the CHI leads them, and us the viewers, on a whirlwind ride across the Chima landscape. You are flown over mountains and under waterfalls with the accompanying snow, water, light and wind effects to make it seem real! I was sitting next to The Brick Castle's Boy Three and he excitedly identified all the different LEGO Chima playsets featured in the film, they were very impressed by how easy it was to spot the different sets. The film lasted twelve minutes which was perfect for Bud, he was utterly entranced by it, but really engaging for my niece (12) and nephew (9) who both really enjoyed it too. It was actually my first 4D film experience and I was very impressed, especially with the very realistic snow fall that fell on us during the ride through the mountains! I had to hold Bud's glasses on his nose throughout the film. It turns out that 3D glasses aren't really built for soft toddler noses.

Small Boy 3D Glasses LEGO Legends of Chiman 4D

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and I think we will definitely return again soon, especially as I know it is toddler friendly. Red Rose Daddy is keen to visit and I think him and Bud will have lots of fun together there. We'll definitely be taking in the film again then too.

Small Boy LEGO Racing Car LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

LEGO Legends of Chima 4D Movie Xperience is showing exclusively at LEGOLAND Resorts and Discovery Centres. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester can be found at Barton Square at the Trafford Centre Manchester and is open daily from 10am until 7pm. Check out their website for details of their special events calendar.