Magpie Monday - A Trip to the Church Fleamarket

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I've been a fan of the Magpie Monday linky over at Me and My Shadow for quite some time. I guess I'm inherently nosy and I also love a good car boot sale, jumble sale or charity shop. I've been meaning to link up for ages but haven't really had any bargains worthy of a post in quite some time.

This weekend one of our local churches hosted their fleamarket. They do this every six months and we always try to attend as, in addition to the chance of a bargain, they also serve a great cup of coffee and wonderful cream cakes too. We have to take advantage of this when we go, after all it raises essential funds for the local community!

Last time the event was hosted I came away a little disappointed. I got a couple of small things but nothing worthy of a blog post but I was very pleased this time.

The first stall as I went in caught my eye straight away as it was selling a mixture of kitchen items. I immediately spotted these two flan dishes. I have fond memories of soup cups with recipes printed on them that my Nanna had when I was a child and these are from the same range. I've no idea what it is called (if anyone else knows please tell me) but they are a reminder of her and useful too. £1:40 bought me both of them.

Flan Dishes with recipes printed on them

As we moved around the fleamarket I was really pleased to see lots of interesting items, much improved on last time although nothing caught my eye until I got to a stall which was mainly selling shoes and socks. All were brand new but gave the impression of having been tucked away in a wardrobe somewhere. My eye was drawn to a blue shoe box which contained a beautiful pair of turquoise, suede toddler shoes. On closer inspection these were revealed as a brand new pair of Babybotte shoes. A brand I'd vaguely heard of in the 'I'd never spend that amount of money on a pair of children's shoes' kind of way. When I asked the price and was told £3:50 I very quickly parted with the required money. I'm not sure when they will fit Little Miss (they are a UK size 4) but I am so pleased with them. They are beautifully soft suede and have clearly never been worn. The soles are unmarked and the ankle straps looks like they have never been fastened.

Turquoise babybotte toddler shoes with dolphins on them

My final bargain of the day was from a stallholder's 25p box. I spotted a bag of what I thought was ribbon. On closer inspection it was actually trimming and binding for clothes. There was masses in the bag and I'm sure I'll find ways to use them in some of the various sewing projects I have planned. Red Rose Daddy got a dutch style plant pot from the same box but I have no idea where it has vanished to so no photo of that. Making order from the tangled bag will probably take a little while, is it strange that I will probably quite enjoy it?

Tangle of ribbon bias bindings and trimmings

I was so pleased with our bargains from this particular fleamarket, I just wish I could find a more regular source of them!

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