Sunday 7/4/13 to Sunday 14/4/13 Photos 158-165 of Project 365

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Sunday 7/4/13 to Sunday 14/4/13 Photos 158-165 of Project 365

#158 Sunday 'Growing Up Girl' - Little Miss is growing up so quickly at the moment and she is getting so good at sitting up. This was her sitting on her Grandparent's sofa and looking a bit older than seven months!

#159 Monday 'Spoon' - Bud received a Spoon Puppet kit for his birthday. We got them out this morning and had fun playing with the wooden spoons. We didn't actually manage to decorate them as the glue included wasn't much use. I need to buy some more PVA.

#160 Tuesday 'Snuggly' - Little Miss has been having a few problems sleeping this week. We've had a couple of disturbed nights and she hasn't slept as much during the day. She fell asleep at tea time today, not long before bed and looked so snuggly and sweet.

#161 Wednesday 'Digging' - Red Rose Daddy loves gardening and he and Bud went out into the garden to do some digging this evening. He loves his Dad's tools and is desperate to use them. We actually found a child's size spade and rake in Home Bargains this week and Bud is so excited to use them in the garden.

#162 Thursday 'Over and Out' - Bud has been playing with our monitors a lot recently. He has realised he can hear his sister when she is napping and I often find him with it to his ear. He does attempt to use it as a  walkie talkie too. Thank goodness he hasn't found the 'talk' button yet!

#163 Friday 'Host' - I love Daffodils. They have been a special flower for me since Bud was born. I bought a bunch of Daffodils for the kitchen windowsill on the day before he was born. They were closed but, by the time I returned home three days later had exploded into beautiful flowers. I always try to have them on the windowsill when they are in the shops and they always make me smile, These are in pots so I'm going to transfer them to the garden when they die back.

#164 Saturday 'Bumblebee' - We had lovely weather today and had all the bedroom windows open. When Red Rose Daddy went into close them he was greeted by very loud buzzing and this enormous Bumblebee. I wish I could show you the scale but it was about the size of a ten pence coin. He got it into a glass and released her into the garden. Bumblebees are very precious to gardeners so he was hopeful that it was none the worse for her ordeal.

#165 Sunday 'Glasses' - We went to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre with Blogs Up North today and couldn't resist taking in the new Legends of Chima film that we saw a preview of in March. Little Miss sat on her Daddy's knee for the showing and looked so sweet when we tried the 3D glasses on her.

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