Vital Baby Weaning Set - A Review

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We seem to have reached the weaning stage with Little Miss so quickly. I remember being a little impatient for Bud to get to the magic six months and being slightly frustrated when he got a bad cold which prevented us from introducing solids until a couple of weeks after he got there. One of the important things when starting weaning is to ensure you are well prepared and having the correct tools in place is an important part of that. Vital Baby have been producing infant feeding products since 2005 and aim to provide fun, safe and innovative ways to make mealtime fun for parents and their babies.

We received a Vital Baby Weaning Set to try out with Little Miss. With both her and her big brother I've adopted a mixed approach to weaning. I tend to combine elements of the finger foods of Baby Led Weaning with purees and porridge. Little Miss gets a mixture of tastes and textures every day.

The Vital Baby Weaning Set is a BPA-free plastic bowl which comes complete with lid and spoon. The spoon fixes securely into the lid when not in use and the lid locks on to the bowl to offer a self contained unit which allows you to easily transport homemade food if you are out and about. A really nifty touch is the fact that the spoon has a cover which allows you to confidently put a dirty spoon back in your bag without the risk of food going astray or having to search for somewhere to wash the dish and spoon up.

VitalBaby Vital Baby Pink Weaning Set Spoon Lid Bowl

In the photo above you can see that I had three ice cubes (hearts!) of fruit puree in the bowl. I placed these into the bowl in the morning and then went around to a friend's house for the day. When it was time for tea the hearts had melted but the puree hadn't leaked at all. The lid for the bowl did it's job perfectly.

I must mention the Vital Baby Spoon. These soft tip weaning spoons are absolutely perfect as a baby's first spoon. Little Miss prefers me to use our Vital Baby spoons (I've since bought a separate pack) above all others that we have available. The soft tip is easy on her mouth and the spoons are ergonomically designed to make it easy for her to feed herself when the time comes. The shape of the spoon fits her mouth well.

This is the set we use whenever we need to take food for Little Miss with us now, whether homemade or a pouch. I think it is an excellent design from a parent's perspective with a lip to hold on to rather than trying to balance the base of the bowl on your hand when feeding. We're really pleased with our Vital Baby Weaning Set and I'm set to invest in one or two more for a weekend away we have coming up.

Vital Baby are stocked by Boots, John Lewis, Mothercare and Toys R Us and are available online at Ocado and Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent this set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.