Our Day at LEGOland Discovery Centre with Blogs Up North

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Blogs Up North was set up by Laura from Tired Mummy of Two with the express aim of arranging a few more events for us Northern bloggers. There's loads of us so it's great to be able to meet up with our families, have a great chat and let the children play. We've had a few smaller meet ups now but, when it was announced that our April meet would be at LEGOland Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre I knew it would be popular. We went along one rainy Sunday and met up with eleven other families, it was great to put names to faces for so many local bloggers, including a couple who I've talked to for ages but never met 'in real life'.

Blogs Up North bloggers at the Legoland Discovery Centre

It was Red Rose Daddy's first time in the centre and he loved exploring with Bud while Little Miss and I chatted. I'd been before when I took Bud and my niece and nephew to the premiere of the Legend of Chima 4D Movie Experience but this was my first time taking the factory tour and exploring Miniland properly.

Blogs Up North at the LEGOLand Discovery Centre Manchester

Bud and his Daddy enjoyed going on the various rides in the centre, and Little Miss loved exploring this large LEGO figure when she got close enough. No visit to the LDC is complete without taking in one of the terrific 4D movies and we saw the Legends of Chima film again. Bud was a bit less upset by it this time than he was first time around and actually fell asleep just before the end. The rest of the centre had obviously been too exciting for him!

Bud and Little Miss enjoying the LEGOLand Discovery Centre Manchester

After having lots of fun at the LDC we decamped next door to Cadwallader's to try their ice cream. They have a great range of ice cream flavours and toppings, with cones, pots or sundaes to suit every appetite. I tried a scoop of coffee and a scoop of honeycomb and it tasted great. I think we'll definitely return there after any future trips to the LDC or the new Sea Life Centre when it opens next door.

Cadwallader's Ice Cream and Coffee Bar, Trafford Centre

We had a lovely time with Blogs Up North and it's always great to spend time with all the great bloggers who live nearby. It's made me even more excited for Blog On, the Manchester conference that Laura is organising with Blogs Up North in July when we'll all be able to have a fantastic child-free day together!

Disclaimer: We received free entry into the LDC and a child's ice cream at Cadwallader's in exhange for an open and honest review.