Road Trip Soundtrack

23:53 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I can't drive. I mean, I reckon I probably could if I tried but I never have. I'm always the passenger. That means that I usually get to control the soundtrack to any car journeys and I always make sure we have a big stash of CDs in the car (yes, CDs, I'm old school) for long journeys. In fact when our car was written off earlier in the year I distinctly remember telling my partner to make sure he checked the CD player before the car was taken away!

Anyway, Carcraft have asked us bloggers to come up with our favourite driving song. It's a tough one, there are so many songs I could choose - from rock for those motorway journeys, to your favourite song from the current releases which you hear all the time on the radio, I could even choose a song that my son loves to sing along with in the car, but my choice is a song by a band I love. Whenever I hear this one I think of being in a car on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. Carefree, relaxed, enjoying the music washing over us as we head out for the afternoon, or a lazy meal out. It's the sort of song you should listen to with the top down, if you have a convertible.

What's your favourite song to listen to in the car?

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