Enchanted Interiors Nursery Wall Art - A Review

15:45 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've recently been trying to sort out the sleeping arrangements in our house. Bud has moved bedrooms and Little Miss has moved into the nursery. I love this room, we worked so hard on it when Bud moved into there but I wanted to make it a little girlier for Little Miss so when Enchanted Interiors offered me a set of their beautiful nursery stickers for review I was delighted to accept.

Enchanted Interiors have a wide range of wall art designs which enables you to personalise your child's bedroom or playroom walls with the theme of your choice. You can choose the most appropriate size for your child's room, including space saver designs.

We received the Singing Birds on a Branch set, Little Miss' bedroom is very small so I wanted a design to go in the corner and one that wouldn't dominate the room. The walls are currently a pale sage green so I wanted a little pink and girlyness to make it pretty for her. These little birds were perfect as I already had some pretty soft furnishings with a bird design.

The stickers arrive rolled in a heavy duty cardboard tube - very unlikely to sustain any damage in the mail. When you open up the tube you are met with a large sheet of stickers and comprehensive instructions on how to apply them, alongside a clear photo of the original design if you choose to follow it.

Enchanted Interiors Singing Birds Sticker Sheet

We had to wait a little while to put our sticker up as our wall needed filling and re-painting in one section, after leaving it for a few weeks we were all set to go. I started with the large branch then added the smaller branch and swing, finishing with the smallest stickers - the birds and leaves. Red Rose Daddy stood by on watch from a distance to make sure everything looked straight! The stickers are so easy to apply, you simply peel from the sheet then choose where you want to display them and smooth on to the wall.

Smoothing on the Enchanted Interiors Singing Bird Stickers

We had to play with the arrangement of our stickers a little to cover two small marks on the walls but placing a bird sticker over each was an easy solution.

I'm so pleased with the overall effect of the stickers, the picture they create is lovely and provides the right girly touch for Little Miss' bedroom without being too baby-ish, I think this design will last for a few years before we need to think about replacing it. We've used stickers on the wall in our bedrooms before but they have always been plastic and prone to tearing, the Enchanted Interiors are much higher quality and are made from self adhesive fabric. The difference in quality is evident as soon as you look at the stickers and they look great on the wall.

Enchanted Interiors Singing Birds Stickers on the wall

Enchanted Interiors Swinging Birds Stickers on the wall

This set of stickers currently retails at £44:95 which is expensive but I think they do provide good value for money. It has provided my girl's room with a lovely focal point and I'm sure I won't need to change it for many years to come as the design is fun and colourful. It gives the touch of pastels and pink that I wanted without overdoing it and they  look beautiful against the green background. The photos really don't do the combination justice but the lighting in her room is such that this is the best I can do, it is really lovely. I am completely convinced of the benefits of spending more on this sort of decor compared with the quality of cheaper stickers we have used before.

Disclaimer: We received a set of stickers for the purpose of this review.