Monday 17/6/13 - Sunday 23/6/13 Days 229 - 235 of Project 365

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Monday 17/6/13 - Sunday 23/6/13 Days 229 - 235 of Project 365

Monday #229 'Fajitas' - I used my Tefal Actifry to cook Fajitas tonight and even made the spice mix myself. I was quite impressed with the result and will definitely do it again! I think I might need a pestle and mortar to grind up my spices more though.

Tuesday #230 'Tapas' - A lovely evening out tonight to celebrate the re-opening and refurbishment of La Tasca at the Trafford Centre. It was fab to meet up with a few of my favourite local bloggers and enjoy good food and drink and good company.

Wednesday #231 'Cousins' - Bud and two of his cousins were sitting down for story time at Toddlers. I happened to spot that all three of them were holding hands. They looked so sweet - a change from the usual mischief they get up to together!

Thursday #232 'Brown Eyes' - I've been trying to play around with my new Samsung DSLR and Bud was watching me today. We were having a little chat and I got him in a rare moment of stillness - he tends to 'fake smile' for the camera these days so it was nice to get a natural shot.

Friday #233 'Waiting' - Little Miss loves food and takes such great pleasure from it. She's always so excited when I put her in the highchair. I just need to not keep her waiting too long or she gets cross!

Saturday #234 'Oh No!' - Just as we thought Little Miss' bedroom was ready we had a disaster today. Despite being continuously told not to Bud hangs off our radiators all the time. This radiator has been a little loose for a while. Today Bud sat down while holding on to it and dislodged it. Luckily he didn't pull it off the wall but it wasn't safe to leave it on so we had to take it off and will need to get someone in to replace it on the wall.

Sunday #235 'Concert' - We took the children and our nephew and niece to the CBBC concert at the Bridgewater Hall today, we had a lovely afternoon and the BBC Philharmonic were wonderful..

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