Monday 24/6/13 - Sunday 30/6/13 Days 236-242 of Project 365

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Monday 24/6/13 - Sunday 30/6/13 Days 236-242 of Project 365

Monday #236 'Excited' - Little Miss has an excited little dance she does, usually when a favourite person is in sight, or when food is on it's way. I've been trying to capture it in a photo but this is the best I have managed. I think I need to film her so I can remember it.

Tuesday #237 'Growing Up' - Little Miss will be 10 months old on Saturday. I can't believe how quickly my baby is growing up and this photo took my breath away as she looks so grown up. I want to freeze time and keep her my baby but, also, I love seeing her grow and learn.

Wednesday #238 'Waiting' - My, my this week is Little Miss heavy but she's developing so quickly at the moment that I'm constantly taking photos. She looked so pretty sitting in the ring at toddlers and I loved how she was listening to conversation here. She looks like she is waiting intently to add her views.

Thursday #239 'Clean!' -Fresh from the shower, which is so much easier now Little Miss can sit up and we can use a bath seat in there to keep her steady. She is turning into a real little water baby and loves to splash and play in there.

Friday #240 'Injured' - An inevitable side effect of Little Miss growing up is that she is pushing her physical boundaries more and more. Unfortunately she thinks she can do rather more than she is able and this was shown when she fell on her face and hurt it this week.

Saturday #241 'Ants' - We were pottering in the garden today and I unplugged a hole in one of the railway sleepers we have in our garden. A mass of ants fell out along with lots of eggs and larvae. The adult ants were very cross and were amazingly quick as they picked everything up and rushed back into the hole with it. We put the stone on top to give them a little cover and watched them rush about for ages, the photos aren't very good. I need to work on my macro shots.

Sunday #242 'Happy Boys' - We went to my parents' house for tea today and met up with the cousins. Bud and the boys are starting to play really nicely together now and they seem to really enjoy each other's company. I'm really enjoying watching how their relationship develops and hope they will be really close in the future.