Speedo Sculpture's Parade to the Pool

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Both of my children love being in the water and we try to take them swimming as often as we can. For me this means having to bite the bullet and suck in my tummy and put on a swimsuit. I try not to be negative about my body but two children in four years and I'm not in the shape I once was.

A recent study has shown that 79% of women are unhappy with their bodies, 84% of women admit to putting their bodies down using negative talk, 31% said that they only think or say bad things about themselves and 28% of them say they do it daily! 55% of women admit to not going swimming to avoid wearing a swimsuit.

Speedo Parade to the Pool

Speedo have teamed up with Gabby Logan to stage a 'Parade to the Pool' where members of the public were encouraged to walk through Central London in their swimsuits, complete with marching band and ticker tape! By doing so it encourages to take pride in their bodies and improve their confidence. Gabby Logan and Speedo want women to stop the 'fat talk' and get them into the water.

Gabby Logan Parade to the Pool

Gabby is a busy working mum who says “Women in the public eye and on TV are often scrutinized for how they look so I know how easy it would be to fall into the trap of taking on board this negativity.  The healthiest way for me to deal with it is by being fit and healthy through activities like swimming, which helps me focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like."

In exchange for this post Speedo have sent me a terrific Aurashine One Piece Swimsuit from their Speedo Sculpture range.

While I don't look like this in the swimsuit I have found it to be a comfortable, supportive suit which I feel good wearing. It has given me a waist and the printed pattern looks really flattering. It has really added to my confidence when I'm in the swimming pool with the family.