My Birthday Wishlist

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My birthday isn't until the end of March but, already, the questions from my nearest and dearest have started. What would you like? Is there anything you need? Apparently I'm hard to buy for, I don't see it myself. I'm always a bit grumpy about being asked what I want as I love receiving surprises but, this year, I thought I'd help them out a bit with a few ideas. You might also gain some inspiration if you're looking for any 37th birthday presents for the women in your life!

Kate Spade and Seiko Ladies Watches from The Watch Hut
The first item on my list is a new watch. I don't wear watches a lot but, when I'm out and about, pushing a pram, it's much easier to glance at my wrist than it is to stop, get my phone out of my pocket, check it and put it back, then get on my way again. It might mean I actually get to Nursery in plenty of time to collect Bud instead of on the last minute too! I really love this Kate Spade watch (left) from The Watch Hut but I suspect the Seiko watch (right) might be more in my gift's budget! I love the gold bracelets on both of the watches and think they would be great for wearing with both casual and more formal outfits.

I love clothes and I'm becoming a huge fan of wearing dresses rather than jeans or trousers. I'm always on the look out for a dress or two to add to my collection. As my birthday falls at the start of spring I'm keen to get a couple of cotton dresses and I love this butterfly print dress from Yours Clothing. They seem to have a few dresses which feature either butterfly or dragonfly prints at the moment, these are a favourite of mine so I'll definitely be checking them out.

If not dresses then pyjamas are always warmly received, there is nothing better than a brand new, cozy pair of PJs to curl up in after celebrating your birthday. I'm also a huge fan of fluffy socks and always love unwrapping a pair or two of those.

I love to read and, despite owning a Kobo Mini, I still love receiving paperbacks as gifts. You can't unwrap a download! I have my eye on the new Kate Atkinson novel - Life After Life - and The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. I'm desperate to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf but it won't work on my Nintendo DSLite so I might have to add a 3DS to my list too!

Failing that I love good chocolate - especially Hotel Chocolat and Green & Blacks (their Butterscotch bar is my favourite and I was delighted to find a bar of it in my Bloggers Night In goodies). Failing that then a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco, like the one from I Heart Wines, or some MyCocktail Lime MarGOrita pouches to freeze and enjoy (we tried the latter two at our Bloggers Night in too) and I'm a happy birthday girl.

Hard to buy for? I don't think so!

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