Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Deluxe Playhouse

13:25 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Recently we've had the opportunity to review the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Deluxe Playhouse from Character Options. Peppa Pig is currently very popular in our house, despite Bud not really taking an interest at the 'classic' age for children to discover it. He's only really started to love it since being at nursery, and has now passed his interest on to LM so I have two little Peppa Pig fans in our house now!


The Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Deluxe Playhouse is a large Peppa Pig playset modelled on Peppa's family home. My two were completely delighted to see the house when I opened the parcel and couldn't wait to get it open. It's rare that they have been this excited for a toy! The box clearly shows the contents and you can also spot that Peppa and George are inside. When you open the box you can see that the house will fold and unfold to play with it.

To open the house you simply turn the switch, fold down one end and open the sides out, rather like a traditional dolls house and this revealed two bags containing all of the fittings and furniture for the house. I was quite surprised by how much is included - you get a sofa and two armchairs, television, dining table and four chairs, bunk beds and a ladder for Peppa and George and a bathtub. You will also have to fit the bathroom floor and staircase before you play with it, and unfold the garden and dining room. It does require adult assembly so, if you have excited children, like mine, it might be a good idea to assemble it before they see it! The bunk beds ladder clips on and it can be a little frustrating as it doesn't fix on very well and my children couldn't attach it themselves. It might be better if it hooked on, I'm tempted to glue it.

The outside of the house is nicely decorated, it looks just like the house on TV and includes the bright Peppa Pig branding. The catch to close it is really secure which makes it easy to pick up and carry around, despite it's size it would be the perfect toy to take in the car if you're going to stay with friends. Everything fits inside the house and can be put away inside, meaning nothing gets lost. The plastic it is made from isn't heavy, which means my children can both carry it around.

The toy is quite large and taller than many play sets of this type, it's around 30 cm high and opens out fully so it's possible for two children to play with it easily. The house has stickers decorating it throughout and my two loved the muddy puddles on the kitchen floor. It's very true to the house on the TV series and Bud, especially, loved talking us through it. You can see how much fun they have playing with it here:

The house offers a fantastic way to role play and play imaginatively. Bud and LM both really enjoy playing with the house but play in entirely different ways. Bud will act out episodes of the TV show and talk to the characters about what they are doing. LM likes to investigate all of the furniture and figures, putting them in and out of the house and exploring them with her senses. We have a couple of Peppa Pig toys that I've been less happy with but we've all been really pleased with the playhouse and I can imagine it will be played with for some time to come. The recommended age is 18 months plus and I would say that is spot on. I can imagine LM will continue to play with it for a good few years, even after Bud loses interest and it's definitely the type of toy that will grow with her and, at an RRP of £29:99 I think this represents good value for money for the amount of play it's already seen in our house and will continue to see. It's been a big hit here.

The Peppa Pig Deluxe Muddy Puddles Playhouse is available from Character Options and all usual retailers including Amazon.