The Moshi Monsters Arrive at SEA LIFE Manchester

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Last year we were incredibly lucky to be among the first people to see inside the SEA LIFE Centre Manchester. Since then we've had the pleasure of visiting a few times and it's now one of our favourite places to visit locally. Last week we went along to the SEA LIFE Centre again to see the arrival of the Moshi Monsters!

Moshi Monsters at SEA LIFE Centre Manchester

The Moshi Marine Force wants you and your kids to join Katsuma, Poppet and Monstro City's number one Moshling conservationist, Buster Bumblechops, on a mission to save our amazing marine creatures!

Katsuma, Poppet and Buster Bumblechops at SEA LIFE Manchester

The Moshi Monsters arrival sees the addition of a new treasure hunt throughout the SEA LIFE Centre, with seven Moshlings to spot. If you manage to find all of them you will receive a code to unlock the exclusive Lubber theWhimsical Whale Moshling at is in addition to the usual Conservation Quest so a visit to the SEA LIFE Centre will definitely keep you busy at the moment.  Be warned though, the Moshlings are very small, and in big tanks. We didn't manage to spot them all, perhaps you will have more success?

Moshi Monsters at SEA LIFE Centre Manchester

There will be character appearances at different times, featuring Buster Bumblechops, Katsuma and Poppet and the Moshi Swap Zone will also be in operation, where you can bring along up to six of your Moshi Monster figurines and exchange them (rules apply). Check posters on site for when Swap Zone will be open.

Moshi Monsters at SEA LIFE Centre Manchester Swap Zone

We visited the preview event and had great fun spotting the Moshi Monsters and enjoying the SEA LIFE centre. Bud even got to cuddle up to Katsuma.

Bud and Katsuma at SEA LIFE Manchester

We always thoroughly enjoy our trips to the SEA LIFE Centre, wherever it is, and it's great to see how Manchester is growing and improving all the time. The new Sea Stars  area is fully open and lots of the tanks seems to have new fish in them too. We were delighted to finally see the Octopus, on the fourth or fifth attempt! The Conservation Area at the end of the visit has now been improved with lots of interactive games, including a Kinect-style ocean cleaning game. Check out The Brick Castle's post to see it in action, I was too busy playing the game to take photos!

If you have any Moshi Monsters fans I'd definitely recommend the SEA LIFE Centre, it's the perfect Summer Holiday day out.

The Moshi Marine Force will be in SEA LIFE Centres from 19th July - 31st August. If you aren't close to Manchester check with your nearest SEA LIFE Centre for details of their activities. For further details, and to book tickets online visit

Disclosure: We attended the event as the guests of the SEA LIFE Centre and received complimentary admission.