cBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge - Review and Giveaway

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We're huge fans of cBeebies in our house and the fun, yellow Squidge mascots are a definite hit. Golden Bear Toys have launched a new range of cBeebies Bugs toys and we received Sweet Dreams with Squidge for LM to try out recently.

Golden Bear Toys cBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

The cBeebies Bedtime Song is an institution in homes across the country as parents use the 'Bedtime Hour' to settle their children a part of the evening routine. This makes the idea of Sweet Dreams with Squidge inspired. The toy is in the familiar shape of Squidge, complete with night cap ready for bed. He's quite large and, as well as his facial features, has a stars pattern on his bottom right. Pressing the largest of these stars plays the full cBeebies Bedtime Song, accompanied by slowly flashing lights at his base. Press the star again and the music will stop.

Golden Bear Toys cBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

The music plays quite loudly but this isn't a toy that goes on and on, it plays through once and then stops. Sweet Dreams with Squidge is now an essential part of LM's bedtime routine. We kiss and cuddle her and place her in her cot, we then switch on her nightlight and press the star to set Squidge off playing, say goodnight and leave the room. On most nights one play through is enough and she will go to sleep after the song finishes but, but on other evenings, she will press the star herself to play the song a few times before she is ready to go to sleep. Before we had Sweet Dreams with Squidge she would probably have started crying at this stage but now she is quite happy to use the toy as part of her self-settling routine. 

The tune is quite loud when it plays but I don't think this matters as it does play for a short period. Sometimes we will hear it in the middle of the night and it's a sign that she has woken up, found Squidge and then drifted off again. Obviously this routine won't work for every child but, for LM, who has always been an excellent sleeper, it works brilliantly. We did have a few problems settling her for a while over the Summer but a new nightlight and Sweet Dreams with Squidge mean those are a thing of the past.

Golden Bear Toys cBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge
Aaaah Squidge!

cBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge is aimed at children aged ten months upwards, which I think is a perfect age range for the toy. It's the sort of age when bedtime routines can really become established and you could use Squidge as part of it. He requires three AAA batteries which are included. The RRP is £19:99 which I think is good value for money for an excellent toy. LM loves Squidge and will not be without him at bedtime now, he's a definite hit here.


Sweet Dreams with Squidge is available from all usual stockists and Amazon.

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cBeebies Sweet Dream with Squidge
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