Growing Up with #PowerOfSoft

14:03 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've had some big milestones in our family over the last couple of weeks. First of all Bud started Reception. He's sailed through the first week and a half and had a wonderful time making new friends and getting to know his teachers. All of my worries about him going to the toilet, eating his lunch and getting changed for PE seem to have been assuaged so far, with no real issues at all. I'm a very proud Mummy!

Three days after Bud started school LM turned two. My beautiful, funny, bundle of energy is now a proper toddler. It seems like the baby days are over and I'm very sad about it. She had a wonderful birthday packed with visits from friends and family and some wonderful gifts, it was lovely to watch her bouncing on her trampoline with her cousins and having a fantastic time. I very much see the child she will be in the future at the moment. She's determined, strong, energetic and stubborn as a mule. Incredibly entertaining and her speech is developing so quickly at the moment which makes her very funny company.

No matter how much my children grow and advance they will always be my babies. I only have to look into their eyes to see those (not so) tiny babies looking back at me. I've always done everything I can to look after my children in every way and we've always used Fairy to wash their clothes with. I remember the mountains of washing before each of their arrivals and the softness of the freshly laundered clothes. Dressing them in their tiny sleepsuits and vests and inhaling their baby scents was always lovely.

Fairy have a new campaign which aims to help parents to treasure every second of life with their babies and the softest cuddles you'll ever have with them. I've never been one to wish away the days, no 'I can't wait until they are sitting/weaning/crawling/walking etc', I was always happy to enjoy them at whichever stage they were at. Sometimes, especially when it's hard - a reminder of how quickly they grow is so valuable.

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