Fireman Sam: Ocean Rescue DVD

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Bud loves Fireman Sam and the adventures of the Welsh fireman with his friends in Pontypandy are very familiar to us. He has quite a collection of toys and DVDs but was very excited to see that a brand new Fireman Sam DVD focusing on a new area for the team is now available. Fireman Sam: Ocean Rescue focuses on the new Pontypandy Ocean Rescue Centre and introduces a brand new character - Ben the Coastguard and two new vehicles - Titan the Rescue Boat and Juno the Jet Ski.

The new DVD features six water themed episodes:
  • All at Sea
  • Whale Watch
  • The Pontypandy Cup
  • Turtle Hunt
  • The Treasure Trap
  • Stage Fright
The full DVD is just over an hour long and you can choose to watch an episode at a time or 'play all'. Having any little fans of the show you might struggle to go for the single episode option! 

Featuring all of the usual Fireman Sam characters you will see Norman get up to his usual tricks in Turtle Hunt when he and Mandy go in search of a rare turtle. In All at Sea Mike goes out alone to set some fireworks, they accidentally go off all at once What could possibly go wrong?

Bud was quite familiar with the Ocean Rescue Centre and Juno as we reviewed the Character Toys Ocean Rescue Centre Playset recently. We haven't caught any of the episodes featuring it yet so the DVD was the perfect 'on screen' introduction to it for him.

Fireman Sam: Ocean Rescue is available from all usual stockists with an RRP. Currently Amazon have it for the bargain price of £5:99 which makes it the perfect stocking filler for any little Fireman Sam fan this Christmas. It comes highly recommended from Bud!

Disclosure: We received the DVD in exchange for this post. Affiliate link included.