Murder Mystery Whodunnit?

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Last month I headed out with some of my favourite local bloggers to attend a fantastic Murder Mystery Evening at the Renaissance Hotel, Manchester, with Joe Bloggs Blogger Network and BGO. It was a great opportunity to spend some time with some good friends and do a little sleuthing and mystery solving at the same time.

I've never attended a big Murder Mystery Evening before, although I used to have a friend who hosted them at dinner parties back in the day so I knew roughly how it would work. We were greeted with Prosecco and invited to take our seats at three round tables and, no sooner had we done so, then we were witness to a dramatic scene in which Lord John passed away (rather noisily) and the investigation began.

Murder Mystery Evening

From there onwards we were treated to a really lovely three course meal with some of the nicest beef I've eaten in a long time. The Murder Mystery storyline was maintained through the introduction of a detective and police officer and we were supplied with a range of investigative techniques and suspects, in order to identify the person responsible for Lord John's demise. It all got a little raucous on our table and I'm afraid to say that our investigative techniques left a little to be desired! We got through all the evidence, background checks and witness statements and managed to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I'm pleased to say that we managed to identify the correct suspect but, sadly, couldn't quite work out why they did it. One of the other tables managed to solve the mystery completely so they were declared the winners.

The entire evening was thoroughly enjoyable. The Murder Mystery element was entertaining, even if our table did lose focus a little. The food was lovely and the company was great. It was a much needed evening with some great friends.

Murder Mystery Evening

Thanks to Joe Bloggs and BGO for inviting us all.