Have You Named Your Car?

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We have had a chequered few years with cars and are on our third car in three years at the moment. I'm not overly fond of our current set of wheels and I know that I haven't bonded with her. How do I know this? Well, we haven't named her!

When Ian and I got together he drove a dark blue Renault Megane. I bet you can't guess what she was named? Megan, Megs for short. She was the car that  both Bud and LM were driven home from hospital in and, when she was written off by an idiot driving in the snow too quickly we replaced her with a Citroen Xsara Picasso. This car was quickly named Pearl (can you guess what colour it was?) She car lasted just over a year before she too suffered an incident outside our house in the snow. We've had some really bad luck with our snowy street over the past few years but, thankfully, both cars were empty when they were hit so none of us were hurt. I'd take a little inconvenience over risking my little family one hundred percent of the time.

Now we own an ancient Vauxhall Zafira. With three car seats to accommodate we needed either a seven seater or a wide five seater, Our old Pearl would have been perfect but her replacement has been working perfectly adequately for us. I just haven't bonded with it.

Co-op Insurance have come up with a new tool which offers to help you 'Name Your Ride' so I thought I would give it the chance to name our Zafira...

Co-op Insurance Name Your Ride Tool

I have to say, Sandy isn't a name we'd ever have come up with ourselves but I quite like it. Given my children's propensity to bring back half of the beach every time we head to the coast, you can guarantee that there's more than a few grains of sand to be found in our footwells at any one time so it seems quite apt.

Does your car have a name? I'd love to hear it in the comments below. Why not click through to the tool and tell me what it thinks your car's name should be in the comments below.

In collaboration with Co-op Insurance.