Country Kids into the Unknown

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Last Sunday we headed off to Ikea for breakfast and to grab some items we have needed for a while. When we escaped from the store around 2.5 hours later we realised it was a beautiful day outside (seriously, there is no natural light in that store. There could have been a hurricane blowing outside and we would have had no clue until it knocked a few floor lamps over). The store is about 20 miles from our house so we thought we would try to find somewhere to visit nearby. It isn't an area that either of us knew well so I called up the 'Local Scout' app on my Nokia Lumia 800 and asked it to find parks in the area. We found Daisy Nook Country Park, tapped it into the Sat Nav and headed over to explore.

The park is formed around the River Medlock and the Hollinwood and Fairbottom Branch Canals. The canals are now empty but instead of being filled in you can see the channels all around the park, including some dry ornamental water features.
We loved seeing the Autumn leaves on the trees and kicking the fallen leaves on the floor.
Bud enjoyed exploring a new park and we were pleased to find a huge wooden boat filled with sand activities. They had scoops to fill various lifting and measuring containers and Bud and his Daddy loved playing with them while Little Miss and I sat in the sunshine and watched them.

We found some ducks and geese but we didn't have any bread for them. Bud said 'sorry, no bread today' to every duck we passed 

He surprised us both by how easily he negotiated this little rope bridge. I assumed he wouldn't manage it or would want help from his Dad but he was across it in a few seconds and then went back for a second and third go.

Of course we found a muddy puddle to trample in!

We had a lovely walk. We may never go back to Daisy Nook but we all enjoyed exploring a new park and our little trip into the unknown.

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