Momymoo Maia Changing Bag

22:50 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Having just given birth to my second child I was feeling quite fed up with my old changing bag. It has seen me through 2.5 years of hard service but I wanted a new one for my new baby. I was delighted to be asked to review one by the team over at Babyworld.
I was invited to choose a Momymoo Maia. The bag is available in five funky geometric patterns in a muted colour palette. I chose the ‘Teardrop’ design which sees turquoise, grey, lilac and dark pink teardrop shapes (I think they look more like leaves) on a pale grey background. This is a really stylish design and the colour scheme matches my pram perfectly! The bag is made of a wipe clean fabric, really good for a bag you use every day.
When the bag arrived I was a little unsure that it would accommodate all my necessary items for a day out. I have a toddler and a newborn baby and the bag seemed small. Added to this first impression was a letter stating that the bag was for parents who didn’t want to carry a lot around, or for those with older children who needed less. Eeek, would this suit me? I was pleasantly surprised. The bag has a really innovative design and I fitted everything I needed into it really well. The messenger bag style means that you have a great deal more space in the depth of the bag which makes up for the smaller width of it. The outside of the bag unzips in the style of a suitcase so you can fit more in. I’m not sure when I would ever use the bag with the zip fastened but this is great for storage as it would take up much less space.

There are a number of pockets inside the bag, including two insulated pockets for bottles. I don’t use bottles but I have used these pockets for my son’s drink and it works to keep them cool too. The other pockets mean you can organise your bag effectively and lay your hands on items easily, as long as you remember which pocket it is in! Another great design element is the bag’s strap. This can be worn across the body, over the shoulder, as a backpack or clipped on to your pram. I love the pram clips as my pram has a solid handle bar the clips keep it tucked away under the handle. The thinner, flatter shape of the bag means it doesn’t knock into my legs when I’m pushing the pram.

I can fit everything I need for two children into the bag. This includes three nappies for each, wipes, nappy bags, nappy cream, a change of clothes for the baby and a clean t-shirt for my son, muslins, snacks, cutlery, a drink and a few small toys. I was sure I wouldn’t get my rather large camera in there too but it fitted snugly in the top of the bag. The small opening flap means that things don’t fall out when you open it but can sometimes mean that you can’t see what is in there as well as some of the more traditional designs. If you pack your bag well though you should be able to access them easily. If my children wore reusable nappies I think I would struggle with the Maia, they would probably take up too much room.
The bag comes complete with a wet bag for dirty items which is great for keeping them separate from your clean bag. The changing mat has it’s own pocket on the outside of the bag which, again, keeps it apart if it gets dirty. You also get a long carrying strap and the set of two clip straps for attaching it to a pram.
I think Momymoo have thought really carefully about the design of these bags and this is shown by the quality of them. The price of the bag is £69:00 which is a lot of money but, to parents, a changing bag is an everyday essential and I think it is worth paying more for and that these bags are well worth the money.

A version of this review has also appeared on Babyworld, I rwceived the bag free of charge but all opinions contained within are honest and unbiased.