Kiddicare Opens Up North at Aintree!

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Last Thursday Little Miss and I were invited to a very exciting bloggers day out at the new Kiddicare Aintree store which had opened the previous day. Kiddicare is one of those stores that I've always heard good things about. I have friends who live quite close to the original Peteborough store who rave about it and I know lots of people who really like their online store.When Kiddicare and Morrison's joined forces recently and it was announced that Kiddicare would be extending across the country and opening in the North West I was very pleased.

Kiddicare Aintree Liverpool Entrance

Kiddicare Aintree is the fifth Kiddicare store to open and the first in North West England. The store has created 77 jobs for the local community and all of the employees live within a ten mile radius of the store. This positions them at the heart of their local community whilst also offering a destination shopping experience for those travelling from further afield.

The store is wonderful. On arrival you are greeted by a large reception desk with friendly staff who can direct you to whichever section of the large store you need. The store is designed well and each item of baby equipment is grouped together. Car seats, highchairs, toys, prams, nursery furniture and clothing are all clearly and distinctly displayed.
Kiddicare Aintree baby supplies store departments

This approach is quite refreshing. If you want a highchair you go to the huge, eye-catching, highchair wall and ask for assistance. A member of staff will bring out each model you want to look at so you can make your desicion. The same applies to car seats and prams. The car seat team is fully trained and offers free car seat fitting and safety checking as part of their service. Kiddicare realise that the nursery is often the smallest room in the house so they have their nursery furniture displayed in a 'box room' layout - perfect for really imagining how it will look at home.

Kiddicare have some really innovative services in their stores. If you would like to consult their car seat team, rather than hanging around in that section you can input your name and mobile number into a handy touch screen panel and you will receive a text when they are ready for you. As well as the car seat team they also offer buggy MOTs. If you take your pram in to see them they will check it for you and make recommendations based on it's condition. You don't need to have bought your pushchair there either, all makes and models are welcome. They also offer a 'Very Important Baby' section where expectant parents can consult a personal shopper service to help them navigate their list of essential items for their new baby. This will, in time, incorporate a gift list facility which will enable parents to put together a list to help their friends and families to choose presents for a new arrival. 

Kiddicare Aintree Car Seat Team Buggy MOT Very Important Baby

I was impressed to see that Kiddicare Aintree has digital price tags. This is to ensure that all of their prices are consistent, whether web based or in other stores. If a price changes in one store or online then it changes everywhere. This is a terrific way to avoid the frustration of finding out you could get something cheaper elsewhere. They also have a terrific 'Walk in the Park' which allows parents to test drive new prams and pushchairs and check that they like them. I didn't try any out as I already have a serious pram habit and we don't have room for anymore! 

Kiddicare Aintree Walk in the Park and Digital Price Tags Pram Buggy Testing

Kiddicare Aintree wants to become a social hub for the local community and, to this end, they have a community table in their terrific Starbucks Cafe, and their event room which offers a daily timetable of classes, talks and groups. We were treated to a fantastic singing class with Time for Ted which really showed off this facility to it's full potential. I loved this class as it was a rare opportunity for me to concentrate on Little Miss and do something for her, she was perhaps a little small to really get the most from it but enjoyed exploring all the different props that were handed out with her mouth and hands.

The cafe has a family friendly layout with a large play area in one corner and a Nursing Nest for parents who wish to feed their babies in quiet and privacy. The play area has large oval windows and is open at the top so it's easy to keep an eye on your little ones if they want to play while you grab a much needed Latte. There is also a large play area in the toy section which the older children in our group made good use of.

Kiddicare Aintree Play Cafe Nursing Nest Event Room

I felt like Kiddicare have thought of everything in the design of their new store. The baby changing area is communal so open to both mums and dads. The toilets in both sections are family friendly with a grown up and child-size toilet. They are also big enough to wheel a pram in and lock the door, a rare find when out with the children! The toilet door locks even had a smiley face and a sad face on the lock so, if a child locks themselves in accidentally it is easy to say 'push it to the happy face' rather than trying to explain in more grown up terms. The bright design of the toilet area was lovely and, rather than the typical pictures, Kiddicare clearly shows just who they hope to cater for on the entrance to the cubicles area. You can also entertain yourself by finding out what you are as tall as while you're hanging around waiting for other people to finish.

Kiddicare Aintree Toilets

Morrison's has recently launched their own clothing range and I picked up a few items for Bud and Little Miss. I am really impressed by the design and quality of them and they were a fantastic price which was cheaper, in my opinion, than the other supermarket ranges. I was particularly impressed by a set of two funky bandana bibs for just £2:50 (cheaper than the usual price for one) that Little Miss has been rocking since we bought them. 

Of course I had to make a few small purchases and, in addition to the clothes I bought Little Miss a beautiful owl comforter as her Easter present. This has received lovely comments from everyone who has seen it and Little Miss has really taken to it. She loves having it in her car seat with her. This toy is from Kiddicare's own range and I love the colour palette and different textures it offers. 

Baby Girl Owl Comforter Kiddicare

Even the tills at Kiddicare are well thought out, with racks of essential items. you may have forgotten in the queuing area. I didn't actually have to queue at all. I was so pleased to see a free gift wrap area next to the tills which is great if you're popping in to get a last-minute gift for someone. You can wrap it in some bright, spotty paper instead of turning up sheepishly with a carrier bag. 

We really enjoyed our day out at Kiddicare and I can see us returning when we have a car again. I'm hoping for a new highchair so I think that a trip to make that purchase will be essential!

Little Miss and I would like to thank Kiddicare for inviting us to their bloggers tour of the new Aintree store. We had a lovely time meeting up with other great North West bloggers (especially the lovely Ghostwriter Mummy who very kindly drove us), a lovely lunch and great company in the form of Jennie, Rachael and Matt from Kiddicare who made us so very welcome.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the store as guests of Kiddicare and received lunch and a goodie bag.