Saturday 30/3/13 to Saturday 6/4/13 Photos 150-157 of Project 365

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We've had a crazily busy week this week. Four family birthdays, including Bud's third birthday and all the preparation that has needed. Time spent catching up with friends - one of my oldest friends, and one new one and their respective children, and a week off work for Red Rose Daddy. I've been snapping away every day but haven't had the chance to post my photos each day so I'm bringing you a collage for this week. I think I will return to posting every day, this is just a one off to avoid seven separate blog posts!

Project 365 Collage

#150 Saturday - Bud had a lazy lunch watching cBeebies on the sofa. He looked so comfortable that I couldn't resist a quick snap.

#151 Sunday - Mini Eggs. I love Mini Eggs, they are one of my favourite things about Easter. Red Rose Daddy went out to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight so I curled up with a glass of wine and a bowl of these.

#152 Monday - Bud was into pyjamas early and snuggled up with Little Miss' Easter Bunny. It's unusual for him ever to play with soft toys but he sat with this for quite a while.

#153 Tuesday - We met an old school friend of mine and her children at the country park close to our house. She now lives in Norfolk and I don't get the chance to see her anywhere nearly as often as I would like. It's funny how the years melt away when we get together though. We met up at 9:30am so it was very early to be there and the ducks, geese and swans were pleased to see us. You might notice that Red Rose Daddy is holding on to Bud's hood in this photo, it was a quick grab to stop the momentum of throwing the bread carrying him into the lake.

#154 Wednesday - We went out for dinner to celebrate my (not) Brother in Law's birthday. Bud was a little tired at the table and was rubbing his eyes a lot. This was the second birthday of the week, our nephew's was the day before so lots of celebrating for us.

#155 Thursday - The big day. Bud's third birthday. I have a post coming which will tell you all about that but this is Little Miss trying out her big brother's new digger for size. She absolutely loved it and really chuckled when her Daddy placed her on it.

#156 Friday - Little Miss and I had a lie in when Bud and Daddy went downstairs early to investigate all of Bud's presents and new toys. She is so lovely to snuggle and makes me smile so much. It's lovely to enjoy a few quiet moments on our own sometimes.

#157 Saturday - Back to Saturday again and some interesting post. I'm trying to switch Little Miss to cloth nappies, at least some of the time so am on a steep learning curve all about it. I ordered a couple of trial nappies on a special offer this week and they arrived today. I adore the jade green nappy and can't wait to see her in it!

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