Monday 15/4/13 to Sunday 21/4/13, Photos 166-172 of Project 365

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Small girl boy sleep sensory play blue jelly travel London Underground tube Opening parcel boxes

Monday #166 'Opening' - Bud received a parcel. Quite possibly the most exciting parcel he's ever had and something I will be reviewing very soon. He wanted to take the contents of this box to bed with him on Monday and Tuesday night but I don't think it would have been very comfortable.

Tuesday #167 'Oh Mummy!' - Bud was trying to explain to me why I should switch on cBeebies before he got dressed this morning. This was his expression of pure exasperation at my refusal.

Wednesday #168 'Blue Jelly' - We have a ton of Gelli-Baff left over from when I had a jelly bath for Comic Relief and I don't think Bud would be terribly keen on getting into a bath of it. I decided to take a box into our Toddler Group and use it for sensory play. This was the trays all set up for the children to play with before their arrival this morning.

Thursday #169 'Platform' - Little Miss and I had an exciting trip to Windsor today to meet the lovely people from Tefal UK. I have a blog post coming this week to tell you all about how I will be working with them as part of their brand new Tefal Innovation Panel. Exciting times! This photograph was taken waiting on the platform at Euston Square tube station for the train to Paddington. We travelled around 400 miles and I didn't have to fold the pram once, I'm amazed. It has fully restored my faith in the British transport network and boosted my self-confidence too.

Friday #170 'Boxes' -  A big delivery following up on our day in Windsor. More on the contents this week.

Saturday #171 ' Sleeping Girl' - Little Miss and I attended a community food event today with her Grandma and Cousin. I didn't take the pushchair as I knew it would be busy and she fell asleep in my arms. I snapped this as I waited for my niece to have a glitter tattoo done (great fun, when you are 12) as she looked so peaceful despite it being so busy around her.

Sunday #172 'Sleeping Boy' - Red Rose Daddy has been away on Scout Camp this week and I don't think any of us have slept well as a result. Bud had a complete meltdown when we walked to ASDA earlier. He didn't want to go shopping but we had to. When we returned he flaked out and fell fast asleep sitting up. He was so deeply asleep that he didn't stir when I moved him into a more comfortable position!

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