#FoodforThought from Save the Children

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Save the Children have published a new report 'Food for Thought' which reveals that chronically malnourished children are achieving twenty percent less than their better nourished peers. The report shows that no matter how well a child has been educated, if they do not have enough to eat then their performance will be inhibited. One quarter of the global population of children is malnourished so this represents a global literacy crisis.
Save the Children Global Literacy Crisis Infographic

Prior to the G8 conference in the UK in June, Save the Children are calling on world leaders to take action. Supported by some of the most high-profile children's authors, including Philip Pullman and Julia Donaldson, this report forms part of the 'IF' campaign which asks, if there is enough food produced in the world so no-one has to go hungry then why do some people not have enough food. Over 170 charities have combined to ask the G8 to take action on world hunger.

We love reading and, even though my children aren't of school age, I can't imagine either of my children being too hungry to enjoy a book with me or their Daddy. Sharing a story together or, in Bud's case, simply looking at a book on his own happens every day in our house. Books and the ability to read can transport a person and change their life. It is terrible that hunger impedes that for so many.

I'm going to take part in the Britmums Twitter Party today, Tuesday 28th May, from 1-2pm where the importance of nutrition in learning to read will be discussed using the hashtag #foodforthought, I hope you will try to join in. If you can't you can still help by signing the petittion supporting the IF campaign.