The Wreck My Dress Experience

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Us bloggers get invited to some terrific events but every so often one comes along that is quite different to any other. Last Wednesday I was invited to the press launch for the Wreck My Dress Experience at a luxurious property in Worsley, near Manchester.

Wreck My Dress Experience

Wreck My Dress offers a unique personalised experience. Simply give the team your idea and they give it the unique Wreck My Dress treatment, they work together with their clients to put them in the centre of their own bespoke photo or video shoot. The team is made up of professionals with experience at the very height of their respective industries and the list of productions and celebrities they have worked with is stellar.

The home of the Wreck My Dress Experience is an amazing house which is entirely geared towards offering the perfect backdrop to any customised photoshoot. You name it they have it, from a hot tub to a stunning spiral staircase, from swimming pool to floor height trampoline. It was a real pleasure to be able to wander around the property at our leisure and observe a photoshoot as it happened. We were also shown a few examples of completed videos and a gallery of photos which have been taken during the various shoots. These were fantastic and made me wish I had the money to commission the team myself.

Wreck my dress experience location

As I'm still waiting for a proposal from my partner I was really taken by the Proposal video that we were shown and that I'm able to share with you via the Wreck My Dress Youtube channel. It's so romantic and cleverly put together, I might have to show it to Red Rose Daddy, just in case he's looking for inspiration you understand!

I really enjoyed my morning with the Wreck My Dress Experience and it was great to have an insight into this unique venture. The service they provide is completely comprehensive and expensive? Yes. Once in a Lifetime? Definitely.