Monday 20/5/13 to Sunday 26/5/13 Days 201-207 of Project 365

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Monday #201 ' Morning Fun' - We had something of a lie in this morning with both children snuggling in bed with me for a while before we got up. Bud was playing with Little Miss and making her laugh and I quickly grabbed this shot on my phone.

Tuesday #202 'Library' - Red Rose Daddy was planning a treasure hunt around our local area for his Explorer Scouts. We went for a walk when he finished work tonight to find some questions and answers for it. He decided he would have a photo round with close up shots of some of our local buidings. This is the library near our house. I loved looking at our surroundings with a different eye and picking out the different, distinctive details in the buildings.

Wednesday #203 'Photoshoot' - I attended the press launch for a new photo and video experience this morning and we got to watch a professional photoshoot taking place.It was a really interesting experience and made me wish I'd taken my proper camera instead of just my phone still, I did get some nice shots and I love this one. I think it looks like a painting.

Thursday #204 'Crossed Hands' - Everytime I go into check on Bud when he is asleep he seems to have his hands crossed like this, I think it looks so sweet and it reminds me of his baby days which sometimes feel a long time ago now!

Friday #205 'Tea' - Both children fell asleep in the afternoon today. This so rarely happens that I took the opportunity to do a bit of blogging and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the kitchen. It was a rare and unexpected half hour and I enjoyed it.

Saturday #206 'New Driver' - Little Miss had a go in her big brother's car today, with her Daddy holding on so she didn't fall over.She really loved it and got very excited holding on to the steering wheel. Bud is struggling with sharing at the moment so we are having to be firm with him, needless to say he was straight into the car when we took his sister out.

Sunday #207 'Sitting in the Sunshine' - We all headed into Manchester to watch Red Rose Daddy participate in the Great Manchester Run today. I grabbed this as we were waiting to meet up with the rest of the family. It really was a beautiful day and lots of fun too.

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