Introducing the AEG UltraCaptic - What's in the Box?

22:59 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've recently been selected to review the exciting new AEG UltracCaptic CANIMAL bagless Vacuum Cleaner. AEG's new UltraCaptic cleaners promise powerful suction with cleaner, easier emptying. It utilises 'Compact and Go' technology which allows you to compact the dust before you empty it, allowing for controlled disposal of vacuumed dust.

I thought I would share my first impressions of the cleaner with you. This is a cylinder vacuum cleaner so it arrives in a box that's a manageable size. I could easily carry it using the handy carrying holes on the box. The picture on the box isn't actually our model of the UltraCaptic, I assume the box is standardised across the range.

AEG UltraCaptic Box

Upon opening the box you are met with the main cleaner body and various attachments for you to assemble your UltraCaptic. There are ten distinct pieces, including the cleaner itself and the dust canister which fits on top and an instruction booklet and guarantee details.

AEG UltraCaptic Box Contents

It's clear from the outset that the UltraCaptic is a seriously professional piece of kit. There are no less than four different tools for you to attach to your cleaner nozzle, including the innovative AeroPro 3 in 1 tool which allows you to use it as a brush, a fine crevice nozzle or an upholstery nozzle (you can see it in brush form in the photo above). The AEG UltraCaptic includes no less than three floor head tools, one of which is the AeroPro Silent Nozzle which promises powerful cleaning of different surfaces.

The UltraCaptic was easy to assemble.The hose attaches in two spots on the cylinder body then attaches to the handle. This was the one area I struggled with as I couldn't work out how to attach the hose to the handle. It turned out that the collar which attaches it had slipped down the hose, as soon as I retrieved it it fitted perfectly. The telescopic tube is beautifully engineered and extends easily and smoothly with a simple push of the button. The tools then attach simply. The floor head tools feature a ridge which allows them to be slid on to a clasp on the side of the cleaner for easy storage. 

AEG UltraCaptic Design Features

It's instantly clear, even before you switch the UltraCaptic on, that this is a high quality design. The features are beautifully engineered and make for intuitive use, you instantly know which button to press to power on or rewind the cord.

I'll be posting again to tell you what the UltraCaptic is like to use, my partner is enjoying it very much (as am I, of course). Until then I thought I'd show you what the smallest member of our family thinks of the AEG UltraCaptic.

Baby girl and the AEG UltraCaptic