Slow Cooking and Measuring with Pyrex

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I've been working with Pyrex for a little while now and our most recent delivery included two of their products, one is something of a modern classic - a bright red enamel and cast iron SlowCook round casserole, the other is brand new - a smaller version of the iconic glass measuring jug. This was a really interesting parcel as, on the one hand you have a product that Pyrex is justifiably famous for, compared with the other which is something that they are less well known for. I was interested to see how both products would measure up (no pun intended).

First up, the Slow Cooker. The first thing to notice about this item is that it arrives beautifully boxed, unlike many Pyrex items which are bought 'as they come'. Upon removing the casserole dish from the box I was immediately struck by the red enamel finish. This looks and feels really high quality, the gloss of the enamel gives the dish a really expensive look when coupled with the cream lining. The main dish is one unit with no visible join of the handles through the enamel and the lid sits snugly inside.

Pyrex Red Slow Cooker

As you will see in the photo, the lid has an array of nodules on it, which aims to feed condensation generated in cooking back down into the dish instead of losing it through steam. This creates a continuous self-basting effect which prevents food from drying out as it slowly cooks. The Slow Cooker, like other cast iron products, is very heavy but the handles make it easy to transport from oven to table, the look and design means that most people would be happy to serve directly from the casserole which cuts down on washing up. I really can't fault the Pyrex Slow Cooker apart from the size of it, I'd love it if it was large enough to fit a chicken in for roasting but it simply isn't, that aside you could easily cook a smaller joint in this and there are larger, and differently shaped casseroles in the range. I received the 20cm SlowCook which has a capacity of 2.2 litres. At around £35 it is really competitively priced. I think I will use it a lot in the future, hopefully for a long time in the future as this range features a lifetime guarantee!

When I came across the small measuring jug I wasn't sure if I would use it. I love my large Pyrex measuring jug and decided that the small one would probably languish at the back of the cupboard, however, I've been really proven wrong by this little jug. It looks just like it's bigger brothers - the 500ml and 1l jugs, just shrunk down. With a capacity of just 250ml it is rather dinky but I've found it to be the perfect size for any cooking which requires smaller measurements. 

I've used this jug almost every day since I got it, in fact I've taken to popping it on top of the microwave when it has been washed up so it's always to hand. I've used it for marinades, stir fry sauces, gravy and salad dressing so far. It hasn't replaced my litre measuring jug, I've found I have been using it in different ways to that. I even used it to bash up some spices the other day because I'm confident in the quality of this jug and the ten year guarantee it carries. Normally when recipes start talking about measurements of 50ml I have to start digging around in my utensils drawer to find my measuring spoons, no longer! In fact, the thing it has most replaced is definitely a measuring spoon and a bowl, I just use the jug now.

I wanted to create a recipe to share with you to really showcase these items but life has been so hectic lately that I haven't had time to tinker in the kitchen however, I did have the perfect use for my two new additions, in testing out my other sachet of Schwartz two in one mixes. This time it was the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta with Cheesy Crumb Topping (here's my review of the Garlic & Herb Chicken). I decided to use the Slow Cook to grill the topping and then serve the pasta dish and the little jug came into it's own when I was making up the sauce, especially as all the additions were in multiples of 50ml, I simply added them to the jug and there it was with no measuring spoons required at all!

I'm really pleased with my latest Pyrex products and will definitely be using them to create something great in the kitchen soon. 

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review.