Monday 22/7/13 - Sunday 28/7/13 Days 264 - 270 of Project 365

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Monday 22/7/13 - Sunday 28/7/13 Days 264 - 270 of Project 365

Monday #264 Chocolate - Little Miss tried one of the new Hit Fun Sticks that I received in my Blog On goody bag today. These biscuits are designed so you can hold the biscuit part and avoid getting chocolate-y fingers. No-one told Little Miss this!

Tuesday #265 Fish - There is a small aquarium in our home town and Bud loves it. We visit on an almost weekly basis, as it is free to enter, and we always enjoy it. Today was a rainy day so it was the perfect choice to while away half an hour.

Wednesday #266 Balloon - Today was our biggest nephew's 21st birthday. We went to his birthday party and Little Miss had a lovely time playing with balloons. She loves the rug at her Aunt and Uncle's house and is always happy to sit and play on there. She isn't quite as keen on balloons as her big brother was at her age. His first clear word was balloon!

Thursday #267 Storm - A very welcome thunderstorm on a quiet day at home today. Sadly the weather seems to have changed away from the sunshine now and it is very mixed.

Friday #268 Trains - We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester today and met up with Bex and her gorgeous children from Clearly Bex. The children had a lovely time playing together and, as our boys were so good, we treated them to a train each in the museum shop. We had a really lovely time and hope to see them again before they move back to the midlands in the Summer.

Saturday #269 Holes - We took the opportunity for an evening walk to the Meccano Bridge after tea tonight. It was lovely to spend some great family time together and tire the children out before bed. The bridge is extremely photogenic and will feature heavily in a future post.

Sunday #270 Frog - We had an afternoon out with my parents today. My Dad spotted a frog and picked it up for Bud to have a closer look at it. I was amazed that my previously cautious child happily, and very gently, touched the frog to see what it felt like.   

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