My Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

17:42 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I love a good playlist and will often spend time putting together a collection of songs for a particular occasion. Music is definitely a form of therapy for me and compiling songs to reflect a mood or an event is such fun.

Money Supermarket have launched a competition inviting us bloggers to share our ultimate driving playlist and I couldn't help but participate, it's a while since I've shared some of my musical tastes with my blog and the opportunity reminded me of how much I enjoy this type of post.

My favourite Summer songs are those lazy, sultry tracks, like Summertime from Porgy & Bess. That's something of an obvious choice though and probably not the best for driving. With Money Supermarket sharing that 20% of accidents on major roads are related to tiredness or lack of sleep, a driving playlist needs to include songs that will keep a driver wide awake and singing along.

So, which five songs would I choose?

The first is a current favourite of Bud's. He loves this song so much that we're getting a little tired of it. That said, it's one of those songs which, when I hear it in the future will remind me of this Summer and him singing and bopping along to it for many years. I give you 'I Love It' by Icona Pop.

The next song is from one of my favourite bands of recent years. When we still had the car we regularly played this in the car, it takes me to a West Wales beach, watching friends surf with the salt breeze in my hair. I'm sharing a live performance because I've seen them in concert and they were amazing, here's just a taste of that.

My next choice is one from my personal archive. I was always an Elastica fan and I think this is a brilliant driving song. It reminds me of a Summer driving around with my then boyfriend who's car cassette player had their album stuck in it. We listened to this song a lot.

Another song from the same era is by a band I had completely forgotten about until fairly recently, which is off because, back in the day I absolutely loved them. This is another one that reminds me of a particular, special summer, the one where all my friends had passed their driving tests so we spent vast amounts of time driving around in their cars. I loved Lush.

And finally, because you can't have a Summer Driving Playlist without a song that includes Summer in the title. Well, you can but I'm sure there should be some sort of rule against it. So I give you The Undertones, Here Comes the Summer. Simply because I love this song, and Feargal Sharkey's voice (before he found shoulder pads in the 80s). I think the main thing to avoid with this one is driving too fast!

I've linked this up with The Boy and Me's meme. If you want to share your Summer Driving Playlist then follow the link to the Money Supermarket competition - the first 100 entrants will receive £20 for adding their thoughts.