Andy & Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine in Warrington

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About ten days ago we headed over to Warrington's Parr Hall to see Andy & Mike's Tick-Tock Time Machine, the brand new show and adventure from Andy Day, of cBeebies fame, and his friend Mike James'. They have previously toured with Andy and Mike's Big Box of Bananas.

Andy & Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine

Bud has now seen a couple of shows and has thoroughly enjoyed them so I was fairly confident that the opportunity to see another of his cBeebies favourites on the stage would be an exciting one. We weren't disappointed.

Andy and Mike's Tick-Tock Time Machine see the two friends travel through the past, and into the future, on an exciting adventure to track down a few precious artefacts, the need for which becomes clear as the show progresses. I don't want to give too much of the story away but with audience participation from the very start, high energy song and dance routines and an excellent script (with some jokes just for the grown ups) it was an excellent way to spend the afternoon. From the instant Andy and Mike set foot on the stage the two of them barely pause for breath and sweep the audience along on a wave of enjoyment. It was really excellent. We all loved it. Bud is still talking about the show now and keeps saying it's the 'best ever'. So good, in fact, that we are seriously considering booking again for later in the tour.

Andy & Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine Audience Boy Children Small cBeebies Andy Day Mike James

After the show finished Andy and Mike joined the audience in the foyer for a meet and greet session and two nicer men you couldn't wish to meet. Pleasant and patient with the children and happy to chat and pose for photos. Bud got a bit shy but he loved meeting them. He received a sticker which we stuck on his bookcase when we got home and he's still pointing to it saying that Andy and Mike gave it to him today. They even had time for a chat with Little Miss who, at just 12 months, was fairly oblivious to the show but enjoyed laughing when everyone else did.

Small Boy meeting Andy Day and Mike James Andy & Mike's Tick Tock Time Machine

The show is recommended for age 3+ and I think that's about right. I do think younger children could enjoy it a lot but it does get a little boisterous from time to time and more sensitive children could possibly be a little fazed by the action. The average three year old, especially those who might recognise Andy from cBeebies should love it.

Andy and Mike's Tick-Tock Time Machine is currently touring the country. For tour dates and ticket information please check out the Andy and Mike website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. There will be a collection in aid of the Lullaby Trust at the end of each performance.

Disclaimer: We were provided with tickets in exchange for this post