Fun with Matalan at Chester Zoo #MatalanZooDay

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We love Chester Zoo, it's one of our favourite spots for a family day out. When you have an animal-obsessed three year old on your hands then a visit to the zoo becomes a day in heaven. The lovely people at Matalan sent us an invitation to go and spend the day at the zoo with them and gave us the chance to dress the children in a new outfit too, so we jumped at the chance.

After much browsing of the website I finally pinned down a few options for my two. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful girls' cape and top and skirt set for Little Miss. They were just the perfect colours for her and she has worn them both a few times since the trip to the zoo. For Bud I spotted a fab stripey jumper, thinking it would be perfect for a crisp Autumnal day out, and some brown cords (no longer on the website) to complement them.

Matalan Children's Clothes Kids Cape, Set, Jumper

We arrived at the zoo, after a lengthy train journey, to bright sunshine, it was a beautifully warm day so, sadly, we were a little overdressed for the weather and Bud didn't get to wear his jumper. He did wear his cords, and Little Miss dispensed with her cape to show off her pretty top. I've been so impressed with the quality, and prices, of the Matalan children's wear and I will definitely be shopping there again soon. In fact, I've just spotted that the, frankly, awesome cape is available in tweed now too and I'm seriously considering buying it for my girl in the next size. It's gorgeous in red and the tweed looks just as lovely. Bud's jumper was a real bargain too, it's a really good quality knit that will look good with so many different colours of trousers, I can see him wearing it a lot this winter.

Modelling our Matalan clothes

Our day at the zoo was so much fun, we decided not to try to see everything and to just wander around the zoo with our friends from My Mummy's Pennies. The children all had their 'must sees' which included the orangutans, giraffes and elephants. We used one of Chester Zoo's many fantastic picnic spots to eat our lunch then headed off to tick of each child's list of animals to see.

The lovely weather meant the zoo was a fine place to be. We generally stuck to one half of the park and went to see the chimpanzees, orangutans, rhinos, penguins, tigers, mongoose (mongeese? mongooses? Seriously what is the plural of mongoose?) giraffes and okapi and the elephants on the way out (amongst many others). The Lions were hiding but I was thoroughly surprised to see Lemurs. I've been to Chester Zoo many times and I've never seen a Lemur on Lemur Island, in fact we've often joked that there aren't any Lemurs on Lemur Island but we must have timed it right today as there they were. It was lovely to see so many animal babies there and shows just what an excellent job Chester Zoo does of it's breeding and conservation programmes.

Fun at Chester Zoo with Matalan #MatalanZooDay

We'd like to thank Matalan for a great day out, and for some fab new clothes.

Disclaimer: We were invited to Chester Zoo as the guests of Matalan and received vouchers to buy a new outfit for Bud and Little Miss. All opinions are honest and unbiased.