How to Go About Moving the Kids to London

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There are a few factors in life that cause stress more than others and moving is one of them. It is really hard to organise on your end and even harder for kids to fully understand. Here are some aspects on reactions, what to set out and what to look forward to for everyone.

Housing in London is considered very expensive 
Before moving South, take a look at the area that you are hoping to move to and base it primarily on your budget if that will be an issue or if the children’s schools are a priority, focus your search in the boroughs that come up highest with the academic scoring principles. House prices are very high and getting a mortgage has become more complex especially owing to the recent economic downturn. However there are always ways in which to cope with the increase in expenses: choose an area where you can get to know the neighborhood by renting which allows the family to become acquainted with the new routine. Kids are flexible especially if the parents are as well.

Be positive about what can happen when moving to London
Because you will have surely done some research and have not decided to uproot your family on a whim, let them know that your daughter’s dancing lessons can still continue because you have several places she can choose from after school. Shopping sprees for your favourite designers are possible but check online first at sites like Watches of Switzerland to get a flavor for London’s wonders before splurging on high end jewellery or clothes. Your son’s rugby will continue at the school because he has been accepted at a rugby school. There is a local park where they can walk the dog. The positive aspect is that you will be on an adventure altogether and can discover London in so many different ways.

Further activities and city adventures once settled in after the move
There are so many places to visit now that you are in London and your children will be excited to show them:
• The Museum sleepovers with all night activities for birthdays or special events, taking place all year round
• Explore the Big Smoke on water using the hop-on hop-off Thames tours from Westminster, Waterloo, Tower and Greenwich peers
• Take the tour using the underground travelling across 150 years of its history in two hours from the oldest to the most futuristic one
• Big Bus Tours showing central London on different routes that also includes a river cruise between Westminster and Greenwich as well as Harry Potter film locations and Ghosts by Gaslight
• Using Vintage –style bikes, try the Mind the Gap tours to Windsor and Hampton Court in small groups cycling at a leisurely pace
• SmallcarBigCity allows groups of threes to be taken around London in a classic Mini 1960s car. The iconic car takes the ‘The Royal Tour’ and ‘The Great Escape’.

Nothing beats London!

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