Thomas & Friends: Spills & Thrills on DVD

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Regular readers will know that Bud loves Thomas & Friends so we're always excited to to receive the latest DVDs to cast our expert eye over. Thomas & Friends: Spills & Thrills is released today, 31st March 2014, and we've been watching it for the last week or so. This latest release features over 70 minutes of messy mishaps on the Island of Sodor with never seen before episodes from Season 17 of the series and a brand new friend to meet too, Porter, a brave new steam engine. 

Thomas & Friends: Spills & Thrills DVD

Episodes include:
• Away From The Sea
• The Smelly Kipper
• No More Mr Nice Engine
• Gone Fishing
• Thomas’ Shortcut
• The Afternoon Tea Express

With James undergoing a messy lesson from some fish trucks, Salty bonding with the new engine Porter in their work at the docks, Stephen showing why his nickname used to be Speedy Stephen, with a little help from his friends, and Hiro demonstrating that nice engines do finish first to Diesel, we've thoroughly enjoyed this DVD. 

The format of Thomas & Friends DVDs has been changing lately to incorporate a more interactive style and I feel that this is the best example of this so far. Interspersed between the episodes you will find Mr Perkin's storytime - we were delighted by this as it featured one of the original stories and one that Bud and  I have read together many times - the Earl's quiz time and the Fat Controller asking 'Who's that Engine?' It gave lots of opportunities to engage Bud with the DVd and get him answering the questions asked.

This DVD is a really refreshing addition to the Thomas & Friends library, rather than focusing on Thomas a a lot of the longer DVDs do it includes more of the 'friends' and their stories. Salty, for example, is a particular favourite in our house so 'Away From the Sea' has been an especially popular episode, you will be singing Salty's shanty like we were if you're a fan of the dock engine too. 

We'd definitely recommend Thomas & Friends: Spills & Thrills to any fans. I feel it is a 'must have' for a Thomas DVD collection, it might make a fab alternative to choocolate as an Easter gift too. The DVD is available from all usual stockists and Amazon with an RRP of £12:99 (the current Amazon price is just £5:00 though), and also includes a free storybook.

Thomas & Friends Hub

For more information about Thomas & Friends, why not visit the brand new Thomas & Friends Hub which incorporates a Challenge Chart, prizes to be won and lots of interactive content, including the chance to meet the new engine Porter properly. We've been using it for a couple of weeks now and Bud is loving the chance to complete Thomas' task each day to complete the challenges and we'll definitely be trying to win the bedroom makeover! It is well worth a visit if your little ones love world of the Island of Sodor. 

Disclosure: We received the DVD in exchange for an honest review