Option A, B or C — The Necessity of Travel Guides for Making Holiday Decisions

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Kathryn Gerry is a mum of three and a traveller. She loves to explore large cities with her husband and children and discover new places.

If you're planning your next family holiday and you're trying to work out where to go, you sometimes need a little help with the decision-making journey. Before you make any bookings, you need to establish a few facts, do a little research, and then you'll end up on the holiday of a lifetime in no time! The best places to begin this decision-making process are with the internet and holiday guides.

Choosing your destination
There's a whole world out there, and you have so many options. Whether you want to stay in Europe and explore Mediterranean destinations such as the Canary Islands, France or Portugal, or maybe you're looking to broaden your family's horizons in South East Asia or the Far East, there’ll be an amazing destination perfect for you.

Travel guides
Once you've chosen your destination or have a few in mind, now is the time to round it down. Most good bookshops stock a selection of travel guides which will give you the information you need to book your holiday. If you've rounded it down to a group of countries or even a whole continent, there'll be a travel guide for you!

Travel guides are a great resource, with accommodation options, attractions, things to do and restaurants in your destination. Many travel guides now contain a small phrase book section so you can make your way in the local language. Make sure you take your travel guide on holiday with you: they often contain handy maps and top tips.

Internet resources
The internet is a great place to gather information in preparation for your holiday. Not only are there professional holiday guides from travel companies, but there are blogs and reviews all over the internet about almost every destination. Type your destination into a search engine, along with the word 'tips', to find a selection of the best attractions and pastimes!

Also on the internet you'll find a wide selection of last minute deals. If you're flexible with dates and even destinations, you'll grab a terrific bargain somewhere exotic! Have a great holiday, and don't forget your travel guide!

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