Sport - the Happy's Pet

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Recently we had a new addition to our house, which saw the arrival of Sport a smalll, brown, curly-haired dog for the children to play with. He's one of the Happy's a brand new range of pets from Flair. Created by the team behind Zhu Zhu Hamsters, they are an automated toy which allows your child to interact with him.

Happy's Pets from Flair

There are four different pets to collect - Mittens the Kitten and three different puppies - Sport, Bentley and Chance. Essentially they are a motorised toy, covered in soft fur which can whizz around any flat surface on it's powered wheels. They will spin around, zoom all over the place and yap in time to music. Each pet requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. The treat controller comes with 3 LR44 batteries.

Happy's Pet - Sport

Included with each toy is an infra-red control which allows you to control your pet and make it perform tricks. Sport comes with his very own red bone to make him wiggle, if you or a friend has another Happy's pet you can use different controllers to perform different tricks and your pets will even communicate with one another. The pets have over 25 sounds, many of which sound just like a real dog. I love the little snoozy noise he makes when you switch him off, by pressing the button on his back.

Happy's Pet - Sport from Flair

We've been playing with Sport for a little while now and both of my children find him a lot of fun. He's designed for age 4+ so Bud is fine with him but I only let LM play with him when I am close by as his whirring wheels should be kept away from hair at all times, and she is too little to understand that. He's entertained us a great deal. My children generally prefer to just chase him around our paved front yard rather than using the bone to interact with him.

Happy's Pet - Sport from Flair

I think this is a fun toy which would make a great gift for any little one asking for a pet. To stave off that request a little longer, perhaps? At an RRP of £19:99 it won't break the bank but will delight a lot of children.The inclusion of cats and dogs in the range means that there is likely to be a Happy's Pet for every child. My friend Eileen reviewed Mittens the Kitten and you can find out what her children thought of it at her blog ET Speaks From Home

Happy's Pet - Sport from Flair

I can see the Happy's Pets being very successful in the run up to Christmas this year and, while it isn't a toy I would normally buy for my children, they have really enjoyed playing with him and I am sure they will continue to do so.  Happy's Pets are available from all usual stockists including Amazon.

Disclosure: We received this toy for review purposes. Affiliate link included.