Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll - Myra

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We love the Mooshka dolls from Zapf Creation and LM is starting to develop her own little collection of these beautiful, soft dollies, each with their own individual personality. Recently LM's collection has seen a new arrival when she received one of the new Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie dolls, in this case, Myra. We have Sonia and Ina from the standard Mooshka dolls range so it was lovely to add another dolly to the collection.

Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll - Myra

The Sing Around the Rosie Mooshka Dolls are very special because, if you hold the hearts on both of their hands, they play 'Ring A Ring o' Roses'  and, as you are already holding both hands, your little one can actually play the game with their doll too. The tune is quite pleasant (unlike many that toys play) and, as soon as you let go of either heart it will stop playing and will start at the beginning again if you hold the hands once more. I really like that it stops when the hands are released as that means your child won't wander off and leave the doll playing music. Much better than those that never seem to stop! The holding hands feature is really nice as the Mooshka doll story tells that they are paper dolls which came to life and were connected by holding hands, you can join the original dolls by connecting their hands up to each other.

Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll - Myra

These Mooshka dolls are a little different to the standard dolls. They are  larger and they, obviously, have a battery pack inside them so they aren't quite so soft. This means that they aren't machine washable like the original dolls. They feature the same beautiful clothing and little design features which make them a real favourite with LM. She loves to explore the different dolls and the textures that they have. The doll is beautifully presented as usual, in a gift box.

Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll - Myra - compared with standard Mooshka Dolll

 When we first received the doll and I realised how she was operated - by holding both hands - I was concerned that LM wouldn't be able to do it herself. She's just over two and it I thought she might not grasp it. I needn't have worried. I showed her how the music plays and now I can regularly find her dancing around with her doll.

Mooshka Sing Around the Rosie Doll - Myra - Heart on hand#

With an RRP of £24:99 I think that Sing Around the Rosie Myra is a beautiful dolly who's music is a unique and fun addition. She's a must have for little girls like LM who love the Mooshka range and she's already getting a lot of love here. She would make the perfect gift for any little girl this Christmas.

LM loves her Mooshka Dolls

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