What Can't You Live Without? #NotWithout5Things

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Essentials are funny things aren't they? Ask any group of people what their must have items are and you'll get a myriad of answers. From that porridge for breakfast, a slick of lipgloss on the way into work, to a mid morning coffee and snack, or a glass of wine in the evening there are lots of parts of everyone's daily routine that they will see as important and crucial. I'd describe them as those things that make you smile everyday, the mini boosts that everyone needs to help them through the daily grind. They may not, strictly speaking, be essential for survival but they really do help a day to pass better!

I've been thinking about those five things that make me smile, those everyday essentials that might be a little indulgent but definitely make life easier.

1. The Internet - I don't see most of my friends that often, in fact with some of them I'm lucky to see them once a year! I keep in touch by using the internet everyday. In addition to this it's my source of work, news, information and entertainment. I could live without it but life would be much poorer without it and I'd feel a lot more isolated.

2 Good Coffee - Decaffeinated at the moment so Red Rose Baby doesn't jig around even more than usual but I'm a real coffee connoiseur. If I can buy my own beans, grind them and enjoy a couple of cups of great coffee every morning I'm a happy person. I've turned finding decent decaf into an art form during my pregnancies and am look forward to the odd cup of 'proper' coffee I manage each week.

3. Extra Strong Mints - these are a pregnancy essential for me and I'll probably never eat another one as long as I live after Red Rose Baby arrives but at the moment they are definitely essential. They have been one of the few things that have managed to keep the edge of my nausea and now, in later pregnancy I really like the texture of them. I start to get a bit stressed out when I realise we don't have many left and always keep them well stocked at them moment!

4. Lotions and Potions - specifically those that smell amazing. I'm a firm believer in aromatherapy and  I love products packed with essential oils and those that have an effect just by using them. Whether it's relaxing lavender, energising bergamot or calming rosemary I use beautifully scented products every day in the shower and afterwards. Obviously you have to be careful what you use in pregnancy but their use gives me a much needed few minutes of 'me time' every day.

And finally....

5. Family Time - it's really easy to take your family for granted but I build in time every day to connect with my two and talk to them about their day and have a really good hug. This has been even more important since Bud started school. We try to spend some quiet time to read a story and talk before they settle down for the night and I hate missing out on this time. I only really do so when I'm out for the evening and Daddy does our usual joint bedtime routine solo but I always think of it as a special time of day for all of us.

British Gas have produced a video showing the general public talking about their five things which vary from loved ones through to make up. Obviously a reliable energy supply really is an essential for us all It's quite surprising how people over estimate the amount that they spend on energy in the video too! It's a really interesting watch and made me think about energy costs and the importance of conserving it. Check out The Source from British Gas for more ways to save on energy costs in your home.


I'd love to hear about your five things. What are the things that make your daily life more bearable?

In collaboration with British Gas