What Kind of Parent Are You?

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As Mother's Day approaches I think it can be a time to reflect on being a mum and what it means to you. I can remember my pre-children days when I thought about what kind of parent I would be. I really don't think I am the mother I thought I would be. Not in a bad way, necessarily, although no amount of thinking about motherhood can compare with the reality. Some days it can be seriously hard, but that is more than made up for by the good and great days. I think I'm less strict than I thought I would be and some of those things that I swore I 'would never do' are regular features in our family life. 

I think I'm quite a relaxed parent really. I've learned to choose my battles so Bud, especially, now realises that 'no means no'. I'm not easily persuaded otherwise when I put my foot down, but this means that on a day to day basis life is more peaceful and my children know not to push a subject if a firm 'no' is the answer. We prioritise time as a family and weekends are crucial to this. We don't have a strict bedtime in the week and, although we aim for before 8pm on weeknights we don't get too upset if they miss this time, for a good reason now and again. Ian is definitely a hands on Dad and both LM and Bud love it when Daddy arrives home in the evening, this usually isn't until about 6:30 and it's important that the children do get time with him every day.

Water Babies, the leading UK Children's Swimming School, have been surveying parents to find out just how modern parents describe their parenting style. There are some really interesting results!

You can find out what kind of parent you are by running through the accompanying quiz below. According to this I'm a laid back parent as I'd let them wear their fancy dress out and I believe swimming lessons are important for my children's safety. I'm not surprised by this result at all as that's how I'd describe myself.

What kind of parent does the quiz say you are?

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