Giveaway - Win tickets to First Steps Coppélia at The Lowry

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This March the Birmingham Royal Ballet is bringing it's production of Coppélia to The Lowry in Salford with a programme of family events on offer in addition to their performance of the ballet.

For those unfamiliar with the ballet, Coppélia is the story of an eccentric toy maker, Dr Coppélius who creates a mechanical doll (Coppélia) and wishes to bring her to life. Coppélia is so lifelike that a village boy, Franz, falls in love with her, shunning his previous love Swanhilde, who then dressses as Coppélia pretending she has come to life. It's a comic ballet and therefore an excellent first live ballet performance for a younger audience and perfect for a family treat.

Coppélia at The Lowry Birmingham Royal Ballet

Coppélia will be performed at The Lowry from Wednesday 4th March until Ssaturday 7th March. In addition to these performances there will also be the opportunity to get closer to the performance with two special events. I'm going to see a performance of the ballet so check back to find out what I thought.

On Friday 6th March at 1pm the ballet company will stage  delightful introduction to the ballet, in the form of their First Steps - A Child's Coppélia which is designed to act as an introduction to ballet for little ones. The hour long programme features a storyteller who introduces children to the characters, story and music and shares some of the technical magic involved in ballet productions. This is followed by a full company performance of Act II of the ballet. Click through to The Lowry to find out more and how to download games, colouring sheets and a story guide for Coppélia.

The following day, Saturday 7th March, sees the company staging a family fun event giving attendees the chance to meet the company, see the costumes, take part in creative activities and have your face painted. The event is free to attend, simply drop into The Lookout between 12:30 and 2pm to join in the fun.

To book tickets for Coppélia or First Steps - A Child's Coppélia click on the links above. No need to book for the family fun event.

I've teamed up with The Lowry to offer two tickets for an adult and child to attend First Steps - A Child's Coppélia. Tickets are valid for the sole performance on Friday 6th March at 1pm. The session is aimed at children aged between 3 and 7 years old.

To enter please complete the Gleam widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory and will unlock a range of additional entry options to raise your chances.

First Steps - A Child's Coppélia

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Giveaway - Win Witty Doodle Nursery Wall Stickers

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When you're searching for the perfect way to decorate your little one's bedroom it can be a little overwhelming. There is so much choice around! Wall stickers are a great choice though - super easy to apply, easy to remove and bright, colourful and age appropriate.

Win Witty Doodle Nursery Wall Stickers

Witty Doodle was founded by two young mothers who wanted to inspire their babies with creative and stimulating wall art. Instead of soft pastels they have produced a bright, colourful range which are more attractive and interesting to babies and toddlers.

Working with the expert Dr Amanda Gummer Witty Doodle have produced a visually stimulating range which sparks imagination and increases the attention span of the under twos. The stickers are designed to be repositioned from time to time to keep stimulating your child, with large images providing initial stimuli and smaller pictures to promote concentration and deeper thinking. With a range of nursery canvases and prints, in addition to the stickers there is something for every nursery here. The bright colourful design would make them perfect for playrooms too.

Win Witty Doodle Nursery Wall Stickers

I've teamed up with Witty Doodle to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win a fantastic set of their nursery wall stickers. To enter the giveaway simply complete the Gleam widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory, please click through to the Witty Doodle website to have a look around before you answer, this will unlock a range of additional entry options to boost your chance of winning. Please read the terms and conditions.

Witty Doodle Wall Stickers

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Chuggington: Turbo Charged Chugger

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Bud loves trains and Chuggington has long been a favourite in our house, now LM is that bit older she loves the adventures of Koko, Brewster and Wilson too. Sadly we tend to miss it on TV now as it shown at school run time so the children were very excited to receive a brand new Chuggington DVD - Turbo Charged Chugger - to watch during half term. Released today, Monday 23rd February 2015, this DVD is sure to be a real treat for all of your little Chuggers.

Chuggington: Turbo Charged Chugger

The DVD features a collection of episodes from the fourth series of the show. These are:
  • Stop Koko Stop+
  • Explorer Koko
  • Brewster Leads the Way
  • Blazin' Wilson
  • Runaway Koko
  • Team Trainee
My two have loved watching the DVD and it's been a great way to catch up on episodes missed recently. The show is bright and colourful and the strong themes of friendship and learning really resonate with both parents and their little ones. I think that we will be watching this DVD rather a lot as both Bud and LM enjoyed it very much.

As an added bonus Turbo Charged Chugger includes an additional story DVD. This features four stories and includes:

  • Wilson Smooth Moves
  • Can't Catch Koko
  • Braking Brewster
  • Clunky Wilson
This is perfect for listening on the go, especially for Bud who has recently got into listening to story CDs and is a lovely bonus to an already fun DVD.

We've now watched Chuggington:Turbo Charged Chugger and it's been a fun distraction over half term. It's now on general release from all usual stockists, you can currently find it on Amazon for the bargain price of £6.

Disclosure: We were sent the DVD for review purposes. Contains affiliate link.

We're going on an adventure

Teksta Newborn Puppy

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One of the must have toys for last year was the Teksta Puppy, Kitten and Dinosaur and I know it made lots of Christmas lists. Now the original Teksta Puppy and Kitten have a brand new newborn addition to the range and we've been taking a look at the Newborn Puppy.

We don't have a huge amount of electronic toys here, it's just not a genre my children have been massively interested in so I was interested to see what they would make of it. The Teksta Newborn Puppy is a small robotic dog, small enough to sit on the palm of my hand and very easy for LM and Bud to pick up and carry around.

Teksta Newborn Puppy

He is powered by 2 AAA batteries and you will need a small Philips screwdriver to fit them. You can then switch on the dog using the on/off switch on his underside. Puppy has three modes - walking, sitting on his back legs and singing. He responds to your voice or clapping and will bark, flash his eyes and move his ears in response. If you want him to walk you need to ensure that his front legs are in a forward position otherwise he tends to fall backwards. To make him sing you press and hold the button on top of his head until you hear a noise, then speak or clap and then he will sing.

Teksta Newborn Puppy

Teksta Puppy is aimed at children aged 3-8 and, despite LM being a little younger than 3 she loves him with a passion. He's quite sturdy and we've had no difficulty with him being toddler proof. Apparently the front legs can come off but it isn't a problem we have had.

Teksta Newborn Puppy

My parents have a five months old Bearded Collie puppy and we took Teksta to meet him, to see what a real life puppy made of his robotic counterpart. It turns out that tiny robotic puppies are quite scary for big, brave Bearded Collies!

Teksta Newborn Puppy has an RRP of £19:99 and represents a great way to introduce younger children to robotic toys.

Disclosure: We received the toy for review purposes

We are #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Hosts

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LM loves Doc McStuffins and, secretly I think Bud does too, so we were delighted to be asked to join in with the forthcoming DocMcStuffins Twitter Party.

We are #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Hosts

The party is taking place this Thursday, 27th February 2015 from 1-3pm. To join in follow me, @RedRoseMummy@UKMumsTV and @DisneyJuniorUK and check out #DocMcStuffins to get involved in all of the fun.

We are #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Hosts

We've been sent a huge box of goodies packed with snacks, games and toys from the brand new Eye Doctor range to play with and I know all of the children invited will have a lovely time with them. We're especially excited by the Doc McStuffins Light Up Shoes, Scrubs Set and Dentist Dottie doll. Check out Smyth's Toys to see the full range of Doc McStuffins toys.

We are #DocMcStuffins Twitter Party Hosts

LM is quite new to the Doc McStuffins toy range, we only have a plush Doc and Lambie so far so we're looking forward to giving the range of toys from Flair a thorough checkup. The box we have received is packed with fun and we're hoping everyone joining in online will enjoy it just as much.

Remember to join in, for the chance to win prizes too!

Thursday 27th February 2015, 1-3pm.

Red Rose Baby - 24 Weeks Update

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Well, this was meant to be a 22 week update but the weeks have been racing by and suddenly I'm 24 weeks and it's definitely time for an update. It's been a fairly quiet four weeks since my last update but I have had some appointments to tell you about.

I saw the consultant a couple of days after my anomaly scan. I was rather anxious about this appointment following seeing my Community Midwife who told me that, under no circumstances would I be allowed a water birth for this delivery and I would more than likely have to be cannulated on my arrival at the hospital. This was absolutely the last thing that I wanted but I went to see my consultant with an open mind and to see what their opinion was on my prospective delivery choices. In the end it wasn't actually a consultant that I saw but the Obstetric Registrar. We talked through my history and previous deliveries and she was happy with the proposed care plan that my Community Midwife has set out for me. Assuming that I don't develop any additional risk factors (fingers crossed) she sees no reason why I can't deliver in the pool or why I would have to be cannulated on arrival. Result! I left the appointment with my mind set at peace a little more and am very pleased that my notes say I can use the pool if it is available.

My next Community Midwife appointment was last week and all was well. She finally listened to the baby's heartbeat. For some reason our area midwives don't listen in until 20 weeks now, rather than the usual 16 weeks in other areas. It was lovely to finally hear it beating away and it was so reassuring that she found it straight away. My sample revealed protein again. It seems like every time the CMW tests it i there but she sent a sample away and they found nothing,again. It seems to be something I am prone to in this pregnancy, having never had it before with either of my earlier pregnancies. I was measuring at twenty six weeks, rather than the twenty four weeks to the day that I was. This wasn't really a surprise following the scan placing baby at around 95% for both abdominal and head circumference and also supports my belief that my due date might be a little later than I'm actually due - based on my own dates.

Baby is now a foot long and weighs around 1 1/3 lbs, (probably more like 1.5lbs for my big babies). I'm feeling a good amount of movement but haven't been able to get a handle on any kind of pattern yet. Bud is so interested in the baby and keeps asking to feel the baby move, of course it always stops as soon as he comes over typically!

We're really struggling to come up with names for this baby. We've never been set on names before our children arrive so I'm not too worried but we don't have a very long shortlist this time. Chances are baby will end up with a name that we won't have discussed a lot, which is quite similar to both Bud and LM. I do love researching names and I've been using a fab app to help me. The Baby Name Generator - Intelligent Name Finder learns the names that you like and then makes suggestions based on these. It's quite addictive once you get started, even if Ian vetoes most of the suggestions out of hand!

I wiSh I could say the Second Trimester bloom was in place here but I've been feeling fairly rotten still. The nausea is still around and I'm still having the pattern of a couple of days clear only to be floored by it returning with a vengeance the next day. I think the only thing that will stop this sicknes is delivery. Added to the misery of nausea is indigestion and I'm having to be careful with what I eat otherwise I get the most horrible acid. My old faithful from Bud's pregnancy - chewable Gaviscon - isn't working reliably and it seems like nothing works. Fun times.A friend told me that they reason this pregnancy is so horrible is because my body knows I don't want any more children after this one and the memory will permanently put me off. I suspect she is right!

February sees me become the human pincushion with a Glucose Tolerance Test, Anti-D injection and blood tests all on the same day. That will be a fun morning! I'll talk more about that in my next update.

I still don't feel like my bump is massive, to say that I'm measuring big for dates but I suspect that it may be my memory of previous pregnancies playing tricks on me. I managed to bypass a 24 weeks shot but there will be one in my next update.

Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry

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We're always so excited to be invited to see one of the fabulous productions at The Lowry and, when the chance to see Singalonga Frozen dropped into my inbox last week I knew it was going to be LM's idea of heaven.

We attended the 6:30pm performance on Monday and, upon arrival you will definitely know you are in the right place as you follow hundreds of little Elsas, tiny Annas, and the odd Olaf into the main Lyric Theatre at The Lowry. LM was dressed in her Anna's Coronation dress, I just love seeing her in this. So cute!

Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry

I must be honest,I didn't know what to expect from Singalonga Frozen. I was expecting to see the film, of course, with lyrics on screen so the audience could join in with all of the songs, but this was so much more. The performance is compered by a lovely Scottish lady, and she is joined on stage by some very special guests throughout the performance. I'm not going to give too much away as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise but you will see both Anna and Elsa throughout. Each seat is supplied with a Singalonga Frozen fun pack and the items within are explained before the performance so everyone knows how, where and when to use them.

There's a real pantomime feel to the performance and you'll find yourself booing Hans, cheering Kristoff and shouting 'Run, Sven, Run' along with everyone else. A couple of truly magical moments that will make even the adults say 'ahhh'. There was a great atmosphere inside the theatre and we all enjoyed every second of it.

If you're taking small children be aware that the performance extends to over two hours, with the added introductions etc. This wasn't a problem for LM, at two and a half, as she was entranced throughout but some children may get restless. The recommended age is 5+ but I would say it would be fine for smaller children who love the film.

If you'd like to see Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry it is showing until Sunday 8th March, and it is the perfect half term treat for any little Frozen fans. You can see details on Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry. If you're further afield then check out the tour details for Singalonga Frozen website.

Disclosure: We attended the performance as guests of The Lowry.

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

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Thermometers are one of those things that rarely find their way on to lists of new baby essentials, which is odd as, when you realise you need one, you know you need one right away! When Bud was a toddler he spiked a high fever and I sent Ian out to buy a thermometer for us so we could accurately monitor his temperature. It was a scary time and I really wished we had had the foresight to purchase a thermometer earlier, rather than just what the 24 hour supermarket sold. The one we ended up with was an in-ear thermometer but I've never really been satisfied with it's performance so the opportunity to upgrade to one of the new range of thermometers from Braun had to be grabbed with both hands!

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

Braun is the number one brand of thermometers amongst doctors, for awareness, usage and recommendations. We were sent the Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer which boasts an impressive range of features. Our old thermometer takes around 20 seconds to give an efficient reading so I was surprised straight away that the Braun ThermoScan 7 works within five seoonds to give a quick, accurate reading. The accuracy of this is enhance as this is the first Braun thermometer to have a pre-warmed tip which minimises the effect of a cool probe tip on the thermometer. This is really effective with little ones as you don't have to introduce a cold thermometer into a hot little ear and add to their discomfort!

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

The definition of fever changes as your child gets older, so what is a fever in an infant is different from a toddler or older child. Braun know this and the ThermoScan 7 allows the parent to select the age of their child - 0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36 months upwards (by selecting the button with the crawling baby on it to cycle through the options). When you take the temperature the numerical value is displayed in addition to a colour - red, yellow or green - to indicate fever at just a glance.

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

With LM especially, I have found it tricky to use our old thermometer as she's very wriggly and hates the feel of the thermometer in her ears. With the Braun one there is a unique positioning system which beeps to confirm that you are holding it in the correct position for accurate temperature reading. It also offers a nightlight feature and these two combine to mean that you don't even need to switch the light on to take temperature at night. I was especially pleased to be able to take LM's temperature without waking her up the other night, this was impossible with our previous thermometer but is so important with a sick child who needs their sleep. Operating the thermometer is simple, just place inside the ear, press the temperature button and wait around three seconds for a second beep which tells you that the temperature has been accurately recorded.

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

The Braun ThermoScan 7 offers a memory option for up to 9 previous readings. This is great for peace of mind as you don't have to write down previous temperatures or try to remember them. You simply press the 'MEM' button to see the previous readings.

The thermometer is supplied with it's own storage case and a pack of twenty lens filters, which fit inside. You should always replace the lens filter before taking the next temperature. You can buy additional lens filters separately. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

We've been really pleased with the Braun ThermoScan 7 thermometer. It's been super easy to use and the supplied instructions are simple to follow. I've loved the ability to select by age as, at 28 months and small for her age, it's important to secure an accurate reading for LM especially. Both of my children have always resisted having their temperatures monitored in the past but the speed and efficiency with which this one works means that it is possible to take their temperature without them even realising it! I've also been able to use it on myself easily.

The Braun ThermoScan 7 is available from all usual stockists including Amazon, priced at around £50 which I think is good value for money for a thermometer with this level of functionality and the peace of mind it affords.

I am a member of the Netmums Blogging Network, a unique community of parent bloggers from around the UK who have been handpicked by the Netmums team to review products and brands on their behalf. I may have been paid expenses, and have been supplied with a product sample for this review, but retain all editorial control. All my Netmums Reviews will display the Netmums logo within the post.

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Super Easy Toddler Rain Cloud Craft

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With the weather being so changeable at the moment we've been looking at ways to include the weather in our crafting at toddler group. This is a great theme for Spring and Autumn, when the weather can vary so wildly and, on the day that we did it we had heavy rain so it worked out very well!

Super Easy Toddler Rain Cloud Craft

You will need:
A4 coloured card of your choice
Crepe Paper folded, various colours

Super Easy Toddler Rain Cloud Craft

Cut a cloud shape from your coloured card. You can choose any colour, but we used cream, yellow and blue and the children chose their favourite.

Decorate your cloud. We used crayons and the children drew their pictures on to the cloud shape.

Cut along the folded crepe paper horizontally. This will leave you with long streamers of crepe paper. If they are too long then cut them in half, or thirds, to make them smaller.

Stick the crepe paper streamers along the back of the rain cloud shape so they hang down from it.

You can now stick it to the wall, or use a piece of thread to hang it from the ceiling like a mobile.

Super Easy Toddler Rain Cloud Craft

Alternative ideas:

Use stickers, glitter or paint to decorate the cloud instead of crayons.

Take streamers in all of the colours of the rainbow and stick them in rainbow order from the bottom of the cloud.

Older children could cut out two cloud shapes, then cut out the middle and use coloured cellophane for a stained glass effect.

Use ribbon instead of crepe paper, a great way to use up oddments of ribbon.

Scruffs Expedition Bubble Jacket

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Ian is definitely a coat connoisseur. Back in our pre-children days one of his favourite things to spend his hard earned cash on was a new coat, usually with a very expensive outdoors company logo on it. These days he has less time for tramping up and down mountains and less spare cash to spend on the equipment to go with this hobby but a decent coat has been much needed recently. Thankfully Scruffs came to the rescue and sent him their Expedition Bubble Jacket to try out, it has been much needed in the decidedly frosty weather we've been enduring lately!

We know the Scruffs brand quite well now and Ian is still wearing, and really pleased with, the Vintage Speaker Hoodie that we reviewed last year. Their range is rapidly expanding, it seems, and the coats are a new addition since the last time I visited their site.

Scruffs Expedition Bubble Jacket

About the Expedition Bubble Jacket:
Made from hard wearing 100% Oxford polyester, PVC coated, outer fabric with a polyester micro fleece lining. This heavily padded, water resistant, bubble jacket has side entry patch pockets, an internal pocket plus a zip chest pocket. It also includes a detachable hood. They can be attached to Expedition thermo work trouser at belt loops to make a super warm winter outfit.
Scruffs Expedition Bubble Jacket

Ian was immediately impressed by the coat, it feels quite heavy and substantial and he felt sure that it would keep him warm. He leaves the house at around 7am every morning for work and, in recent weeks, this has meant the temperature is well below freezing. He's definitely needed something to keep the chill away. I'm happy to say that this jacket did that brilliantly. He has commented on how warm it is and how well it is keeping the weather out on his commute, especially waiting at a frosty bus stop. The coat is heavily padded and this, in conjunction with the windproof polyester PVC coated fabric, will keep anyone toasty warm.

Scruffs Expedition Bubble Jacket

He especially likes that there is a rim around the inside bottom of the coat which can be adjusted and used to hug your waist. This adds to the weather proof quality of the coat and keeps out the breeze. Ian received the large coat and this fits well, with plenty of room for a hoodie or jumper underneath for an added layer (although he rarely needs one). He's found the hood a little large and finds that his head moves within the hood, rather than the hood moving with him when he turns his head. The hood can be adjusted with a drawstring and toggles so that helps and this is quite a small issue as he only wears the hood when there is rain. Another observation is that he would have preferred it if there was a way to pull in the waist, perhaps a drawstring or velcro, but as this is intended as workwear this would possibly impede movement so we can both understand why it isn't there. There are two side pockets and a chest pocket which can all be closed using zips for added security.

Ian is really pleased with this new Scruffs addition to his wardrobe and it's the perfect coat for this time of year. He was surprised to find out that the RRP is only £59:95 as he's used to spending considerably more than that on outerwear. We both think it's really good value for money and wll designed and would be an excellent purchase whether just for the commute or for someone who works outside, especially when paired with the matching trousers.

Disclosure: We were sent the coat for review purposes. All opinions are honest and our own.

Chinese New Year Hanging Fluffy Sheep

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One of my new year's resolutions has been to craft more with the children and we were really pleased to be chosen as members of the Bostik Craft Club for 2015 which I am sure will help with this.

Our first post saw us being sent a fab box of Chinese New Year goodies to get our thinking caps on to create a craft celebrating the Year of the Sheep.

We love crafting with cotton wool so, having spotted a few things that would be really useful, we came up with the idea of Hanging Fluffy Sheep.

Chinese New Year Hanging Fluffy Sheep

You will need:
Cotton Wool Pads
Polystyrene Ball (or ping pong ball for a smaller sheep)
Black Pipe Cleaner, cut two pieces around 5cm in length and fold them in half
Black PomPom
Googly Eyes
String or Wool

Chinese New Year Hanging Fluffy Sheep

1. Peel the cotton wool pads in half so that each half has a fluffy outer layer. Stick them all around th polystyrene ball using the glue dots. Don't worry too much about neatness as you want your sheep to look fluffy. 

2. Stick your pipe cleaners to the base of the ball using the Bostik Foam Pads (I used two per set of legs).

Chinese New Year Hanging Fluffy Sheep

4. Once your sheep is covered and the legs are attached, stick the black pom pom and two googly eyes on to the front top of the sheep to make his head.

5. I think the sheep look really sweet hanging up so you can see their little legs properly and we hung ours with a piece of wool stuck to a glue dot on top of the sheep..

Chinese New Year Hanging Fluffy Sheep

Are you crafting for Chinese New Year?

Disclosure: The box of craft supplies was provided free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

We Are Geronimo Festival Ambassadors!

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One of our most favourite activities as a family is to get outside and explore, when the opportunity comes along to do this in conjunction with a fantastic new event then this is even more exciting! We've recently been invited to become Geronimo Festival ambassadors and I'm so excited to tell you all about this brand new, Northern, family festival which will be taking place at Tatton Park, Cheshire over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday 23rd - Monday 25th May).

We Are Geronimo Festival Ambassadors!

Aimed at children from two to twelve years old, the festival wants to offer a fantastic family day out and I'm expecting Bud and LM to love it. Simon Goldman, the Festival Director, says:
The lineup is jam-packed with 100s of things to see and do, and will offer families a rewarding experience through a combination of imagination, creativity and adventure, alongside a number of exciting live performances from some of the best-loved names in children’s entertainment. It is important to me that Geronimo isn’t just another festival and that families leave feeling like they have experienced an amazing day out that they’ll be talking about for weeks and months afterwards.
I'm sure Bud and his Daddy will be hitting the Adrenaline Zone, which makes use of Tatton Park's amazing woodlands. Not sure if Bud will be brave enough for the 60mph zip line though.

Geronimo Festival Ambassadors

LM will love the 3ft and Under area which will be perfect for tiny children like her. it includes a pop-up petting farm, giant sandpits, camel rides, marvelous bubble shows and a super bouncy inflatable village. I can see this being popular with all of the toddlers in attendance (and the under 2s get free entry!) I'd like LM to have a little taster of the Baby Ballet on offer as we've been thinking of finding a class for her. This will be a good chance for her to try before we sign up for a course of dance lessons.

Geronimo Festival Ambassadors

Both of my children will enjoy the opportunity to see some of their favourites on the Geronostage and a chance to catch up with Mr Bloom and Katy Ashworth. We're very excited to see who the future additions to the line up will be.

Geronimo Festival Ambassadors Mr Bloom

I'm sure I will be sharing more news of the festival over the coming weeks, we're very much looking forward to it! Geronimo is aimed at families with children aged between 2 and 12 years old. Geronimo Early Bird tickets go on sale on February 2 priced £16pp, with family passes starting from £75. To purchase tickets and for more information visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

90:10 Menswear Signature Embroidered Hoodie

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If I was asked to describe Ian's style I'd say he likes comfortable, practical clothes that are easy to wear and care for. He loves jeans, t-shirts and hoodies and that's usually what he can be found to be wearing in his time off work. This makes it easy to run around after the children and keeps him relaxed and casual too.

Like me, he loves to discover a new brand to tell people about and, when I was approached by the new menswear brand 90:10 recently, I knew he would love their stylish range. 90:10 sent out a hoodie for him to try and, ever since it's arrival, it has become a wardrobe staple for him.

90:10 Menswear Signature Embroidered Hoodie

First, a bit about the brand:
90:10 is a new and exciting brand for men who consider themselves to be 90% Grown up and 10% not. Encapsulated within the brand's message is some recognition for a guy for getting his act together but at the same time reminding him that that this doesn't mean that he is now over the hill...far from it! We all have responsibilities but I don't accept that just because I am no longer a teenager or in my early 20's at college, I have lost the ability to have fun or have forgotten how to enjoy myself...Far from it! This is what a guy is expressing about himself if he wears 90:10..For the lion's share of the time, we all have to take life seriously but not all the time! My vision is to marry humorous and innovative branding to stylish and great quality clothing delivered to the customer at the right price in an environmentally responsible way. 
People will interpret 90:10 in different ways and how it applies to them and that is all part of the fun..The intention is to start a positive and light hearted conversation with men by demonstrating that the brand cares about the same things that they care about. 
90:10's routes are steeped in humour as it was born out of a merry conversation in a pub!
The range includes hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and polos and Ian was sent their Signature Embroidered Pullover Hoodie in Navy Blue. The hoodie has a 'kangaroo' pouch, drawstring hood and embroidered 90:10 logo on the right breast. It's quite a simple looking hoodie and will go with virtually everything in your wardrobe. The fit is described as 'medium' and I'd say that is spot on. It's big enough to wear over a t-shirt but isn't baggy or oversized at all. It looks smart and fits well.

90:10 Menswear Signature Embroidered Hoodie

From a practical point of view the hoodie is really excellent quality and fits Ian so well. He received the large hoodie and is usually a medium/large depending on the item of clothing. With hoodies he tends to go for large so he can wear something underneath it and this was the right choice here. It is made of 100% organic cotton and this really shows in the soft, brushed feel it has. It feels so lovely to the touch and comfortable to wear, in fact I think I'd be stealing it if this baby bump wasn't in the way!

90:10 Menswear Signature Embroidered Hoodie

The hoodie we received is priced at £42 which is more than Ian would usually pay for one but we both feel it is well worth the money. He's had positive comments while wearing it and he feels both smart and comfortable in it. It's really high quality and has washed well since it's arrival. I feel that it will continue to keep it's shape and colour. I think we may well be checking out more of the range in future.

Disclosure: The hoodie was received for review purposes but all opinions are our own.