Watching New Teletubbies With LM and Little E

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I've been aware of the Teletubbies since they launched almost 20 years ago and, while I wasn't exactly target audience for the children's television show, it was hard to miss the global phenomenon of the programme. Who can forget the parents fighting to secure the Teletubbies which were in short supply one Christmas? My two older children have been familiar with Dipsy, Tinky-Winky, Laa Laa and Po for quite a while, through watching the original episodes on Netflix so we were really excited to see that Teletubbies was undergoing a revival with a brand new series on cBeebies.
Teletubbies in 2016

LM is my big Teletubbies fan. It's a show that she asks for regularly and, while he TV doesn't go on in the morning in our house as we'd never get to school on time, we often catch up with recent episodes on our post-nursery wind down, using the BBC iPlayer. Her favourite is Laa Laa (because she's a girl, of course) but she also has a soft spot for Po because she loves his scooter).

The new Teletubbies series features a mix of the characters playing and a real life segment. I found that LM really enjoyed this part but Little E just got very excited whenever he saw the baby in the sun, The mixture works really well and there's a real educational element to the video segment which got LM chatting about taking photos, she's never been in a photo booth before so had lots of questions to ask about how it worked. She loved the Teletubbies taking photos with the Tubby Phone as she's always asking for a selfie! I think she'd love it to be as easy as the Tubby Phone makes it.

Watching New Teletubbies With LM and Little E

This is clearly Teletubbies for the new generation, The use of the Tubby Phone is something that's familiar for today's pre-schoolers who can often navigate a tablet better than a lot of adults, but it's still very true to the original show. The characters are still people dressed up and I'm so pleased that's the case rather than choosing a CGI route. The values which appeal to young children, of friendship, kindness, music, movement and discovery are clearly represented.

Teletubbies Dipsy plush toy

LM and Little E have been watching Teletubbies on video, watch below to find out what they thought.

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